This AASECT award-winning podcast is dedicated to changing America’s dysfunctional relationship with sex. Our sex lives are influenced by everything that makes us US–from our mental health to our relationships, politics, identity, and the shame our culture instills in us and relies on for control. Understanding how these things seep into our bedrooms makes all the kinky, pervy, weird stuff we’re secretly into seem not so weird after all. 

Hosts, Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg, are acclaimed Sex & BDSM Educators. They also co-created the groundbreaking Showtime Original Series, Sex with Sunny Megatron. Equal parts hilarious and informative, Sunny, Ken & their guests serve up real-talk about kink, polyamory, sexual ethics, and LGBTQIA+ subjects. From practical BDSM & sex tips to discussions about systematic repression of pleasure & sexual empowerment, each topic is approached with a lightheartedness that’s second to none. 

We believe Kink is Customizable™, education is the new punk rock, the personal is political, tinkle-your-pants laughter is an anecdote to sexual shame, and that collectively we can subvert this backward-ass system by finding power in our pleasure.  

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Ds Dynamics BDSM Conference Bonus episode Art American Sex Podcast

Dom & sub Dynamics Free Kink & BDSM Education Summit – American Sex Podcast

Amazing news! Registration is now open for the FREE Dom/sub Dynamics Virtual Summit! Reserve your free spot here:  The Down & Dirty Rundown 4-day online BDSM conference, free! 5 sessions…

What’s a Kinky Switch? with Queen Ana Blue – American Sex Podcast 213

Curious about the role of a switch in kink & BDSM? Some say switches are really just confused doms or subs that haven’t figured out their true identity yet. Others believe they’re less skilled and aren’t as dedicated to exclusively…

Fluid Relationships Vs. Polyamory With Kate Loree – 212

Ever felt confined by the choice of monogamy or polyamory? What options lie between those two ends of the spectrum? And what happens if what’s right for you changes over time? Sex-positive psychotherapist Kate Loree joins Sunny to talk about…

Kink Education Freestyle Reddit Advice Edition – American Sex Podcast ep211

Host, Clinical Sexologist & Kink Educator Sunny Megatron Is back for a third installment of free-style BDSM education. This time she weighs in on BDSM Reddit.  Topics discussed: Am I a bad sub for not liking pain or degradation? …

Emotional Dysregulation in Relationships with Megan Bhatia – Ep 210 American Sex Podcast

Relationships, at their core, are about relating – with other people, our surroundings, our past, our future. But the truth is, most of us kinda suck at it! Enter the spiral of emotional dysregulation… In this episode, Megan Bhatia gets…

Body Fluid Fetish & Fantasy with Luna Matatas – 209

Have you ever wondered why we eroticize certain bodily fluids but consider others disgusting? Luna Matatas dives into the why and how behind body fluid fetish & fantasy Find out if squirt is really pee plus learn creative ideas for squirt…
Mental Health & Polyamory Kate Loree American Sex Podcast cover art

Mental Health & Polyamory with Kate Loree – 208

Sex-positive psychotherapist, Kate Loree joins us to talk about managing mental health within polyamory and consensual non-monogamy -- specifically how mood and personality disorders like anxiety, depression, BPD, NPD, etc., can impact these…

Ask Yourself About Consent with Kitty Stryker – American Sex Podcast ep 207

As a culture, we’ve come a long way in our understanding of consent. It’s discussed in schools, on TV shows, and in popular media. But through this mainstreaming of consent, we’ve also lost some important nuance along the way. This conversation…
Mutual Masturbation May - with jessica drake - American Sex Ep 206 episode cover art. Pictured on black background sex educator and adult performer Jessica Drake smiling with mid-length blonde hair, a hand on her shoulder, wearing a black sweater facing forward from the waist up. Also pictured, text of the episode title, number, jessica drake's name, American sex podcast logo.

Mutual Masturbation May with jessica drake – American Sex Podcast Ep 206

jessica drake joins us for an International Masturbation Month chat about mutual self-pleasure. In this conversation, jessica unpacks the shame, obstacles, and joy associated with solo and mutual masturbation. Plus, jessica gives tips for: …
How to Love Yourself, Lee Harrington - American Sex Podcast episode 205 cover art. Lee Harrington, a white man / masculine person man smiles with his hands together. He is wearing glasses, a purple shirt and has a goatee the episode title, number, American Sex Podcast logo, and Lee's name appear.

How to Love Yourself with Lee Harrington – Ep 205 American Sex Podcast

We know self-care, compassion, and love are important, but do you know HOW to love yourself? Lee Harrington not only talks about why these things are key but also teaches us HOW to do them. Learn self-forgiveness, healthy boundary setting, and becoming become a better friend or partner too through self-courtship and deepening your connection with yourself. Kinky folks can use these tools in their self-collaring journey too. 
Mollena Williams Haas BDSM Community & Authentic Kink Pt 2 American Sex Episode 204 show art. Mollena looks confidently at the camera. She is a black woman with locked hair wearing a red suit and red leather gloves. She is standing against a black background. The text reads: ep 204 Authentic Kink & BDSM Community Insight, Mollena Williams Haas Part 2. The American sex podcast logo, purple apple podcasts logo, and web address are at the bottom.

Authentic Kink & BDSM Community, Mollena Williams-Haas – Ep 204 Pt. 2

How do you live your authentic kink life when your needs don't match up with the BDSM community status quo? In part 1 Mollena Williams-Haas told us how returning to the leather community after parting ways sparked an unexpected journey of healing…
Mollena Williams Haas BDSM Leather Community American Sex Ep 203

Lessons from the BDSM Leather Community w/ Mollena Williams-Haas – Ep 203

Mollena Williams-Haas, a.k.a. The Kink Doula, is back to serve up a slice of community healing. As a BDSM Leather community veteran and legend, Mollena understands the challenges of living your truth when it falls outside of the alt-sex status…
Porn Hub Podcast Netflix Free Speech - Mike Stabile American Sex Episode 202 american sex podcast episode art

Pornhub Documentary on Netflix & Free Speech with Mike Stabile – Ep 202 American Sex Podcast

Mike Stabile, who appeared in Netflix’s Moneyshot: The Pornhub Story joins us to talk about important details that didn’t make it into the documentary. Some of what we discuss: The aftermath of the 2020 New York Times article that shook…
Racial Inequity BIPOC Sexuality & The Pleasure Revolution with Dr. Candice Nicole Hargons American Sex Podcast Ep 201 Episode art

Racial Inequity, BIPOC Sexuality & The Pleasure Revolution with Dr. Candice Nicole Hargons – Ep 201

Dr. Candice Nicole Hargons joins us for a conversation about the ways racial inequity hurts the sex lives of BIPOC folks. Although many view sex as an escape from the stresses of real-world issues and a common experience we all share -- it’s…
Gender Non Conforming & Trans BDSM Podcast - Veronika Kestrel American Sex Episode 200

Gender Norms In the Kink Community with Veronika Kestrel – Ep 200

Veronika Kestrel joins us for a conversation about creating safe & inclusive kink spaces for everyone across the gender spectrum. Despite the BDSM subculture's roots in the queer community & emphasis on inclusivity, many communities…
Grooming in BDSM Podcast - Sunny Megatron American Sex Episode 199

Grooming in BDSM Relationships with Sunny Megatron – Ep 199

Adult grooming is often misunderstood -- from what it looks like, to who is most vulnerable, what types of people groom, and why -- most assume it can’t happen to them. The fact is, grooming comes in many forms and can happen in any type of…
Midori Global BDSM Ep 198 American Sex Podcast

Global BDSM with Midori – Ep 198 American Sex

Midori joins us to discuss Japanese BDSM & why recognizing fundamental differences in various cultures around the world is the key to understanding the how & why behind kink. We talk about differences in consent & safety, how…
Inclusion & Race In Kink with Phrygian Monk - Ep 197 American Sex Podcast episode art

Inclusion & Race In Kink with Phrygian Monk – Ep 197

Fact: The BDSM world has a race problem.  Queer, Black, kink educator, Phrygian Monk joins us to talk about it. This conversation stemmed from one of their no-nuance November observations: “Kinktok is heavily segregated and pretty racist…
Communitcation & Jealousy In Polyamory Kate Loree American Sex Podcast ep 196

Communication & Jealousy in Polyamory, Kate Loree – Ep 196

Having difficult conversations with one partner is hard enough. When consensual non-monogamy is part of the equation it can feel overwhelming. In this episode, therapist Kate Loree gives insight and actionable strategies for working through…
Evie Lupine Asexual Kink American Sex Podcast 195 cover art

Asexual BDSM with Evie Lupine – Ep 195 American Sex Podcast

Asexuality and kink?! Isn’t that a contradiction?! Nope! Asexual BDSM is quite common. In fact, a significant segment of the kink subculture is on the ‘ace’ spectrum.  On ep 195, Evie Lupine joins to talk about it. A few of the things…
Safewords & BDSM Nuances Sunny Megatron Podcast ep 194 cover art American Sex Podcast

Safewords & The Murky, Messy Kink Nuance – Ep 194 American Sex Podcast

In episode 194 of American Sex Podcast, Sunny Megatron continues her deep dive into the murky, messy, nuances of kink. She examines some of the most popular kink “rules” pertaining to consent & safewords and the grey areas that cause…
Sunny Megatron Safewords Kink is Customizable ep 193 cover art

Safe Words, Consent & Customizing Your Kink – American Sex Podcast Ep 193

Safe words aren't as complicated as we make them out to be. They aren’t necessarily as simple as we think either. In kink & sex, safe words are simple communication tools that stop the action & trigger a predetermined protocol. What…
American Sex Podcast ep 192 episode art: The BDSM Test with Midori & Joe Zarate Sanderlin released 6.27.22

The BDSM Test w/ Midori & Joe Zarate-Sanderlin – Ep 192 American Sex Podcast

The BDSM Test is infamous. We post results on FetLife & use it as a roadmap, educational tool + kink negotiation starter. It’s even gone vanilla as the focus of social media challenges & pop magazine writeups. But is it all its cracked up to be? Many say it’s othering, stigmatizing & normalizes red-flags. Midori & therapist Joe Zarate-Sanderlin deconstruct this test question by question + explore its wider impact. Why don't we scrutinize it the same way vet other educational sources? Who wrote it, why, and what are they using the data they’re collecting about our kink for? Turns out, it’s a bit of a mystery…
Sunny Megatron Kink Myth Busting Podcast ep 191 american sex podcast episode art

Kink & BDSM Myth Busting w/ Sunny Megatron – Ep 191 American Sex Podcast

Kink & BDSM stigma is alive and well--in the mainstream, in our own communities, and even in professional and academic spheres. In episode 191 of American Sex Podcast, Sunny Megatron busts some of the most common myths and provides clinical…
Cyndi Darnell Mismatched Libido & Rediscovering Desire - American Sex Podcast episode 190 cover art

Mismatched Libido & Rediscovering Desire w/ Cyndi Darnell – Ep 190 American Sex

Many of us go through periods in our lives when we’re not happy with the amount of sex we do or don't want. In Ep 190 of American Sex Podcast, Cyndi Darnell gives tips for changing our relationship to pleasure and navigating intimacy when…
Therapeutic Kink Andrea Glik American Sex Podcast ep 189 cover art

Therapeutic Kink with Andrea Glik – Ep 189 American Sex Podcast

Kink isn’t a replacement for therapy, but it can be therapeutic. On Ep 189 Andrea Glik, LMSW explains the impact of trauma on our nervous system, depression as a survival response, the stress response cycle, the difference between glimmers…
Sunny Megatron BDSM Community Pros & Cons Podcast Ep 188 American Sex Podcast cover art

BDSM Community Real Talk w/ Sunny Megatron & Kate Loree – Ep 188

Being a part of community isn't required to practice BDSM, although it may seem like it due to visibility. What is important is knowing the positive and negative ways community influences the kink subculture. Yes, mainstream myths and stereotypes…
Episode art American Sex Podcast ep 187 Healthy consensual non-monogamy with Kate Loree

Healthy Consensual Non-Monogamy with Kate Loree – Ep 187

All relationships are susceptible to hurdles & conflict--resentment, attachment injuries, navigating mental health, unhealthy coping strategies, overcoming societal conditioning, trauma, and more. It’s hard enough between 2 people; in…
Luna Matatas Race and Kink American Sex Podcast ep 186 cover art

Race & Kink w/Luna Matatas – Ep 186 American Sex Podcast

The kink community has a reputation for being accepting & inclusive. When it comes to race, however, we have some work to do. Recent research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found at BDSM events people of color were 16x more…
NCSF podcast explicit prior permission new model penal code sexual assault 3.28.22

Decriminalizing BDSM w/NCSF, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom – Ep 185 American Sex Podcast

The legal definition of consent in BDSM is changing & all kinksters NEED to know about this! Currently, U.S. law interprets consensual kink activities as criminal acts making prosecuting sexual assault cases in BDSM difficult. How do you prove non-consensual sex occurred if kink isn’t considered sex in the eyes of the law, it’s assault? The NCSF established a legal definition of consent in kink: The New Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault: Affirmative Defense of Explicit Prior Permission for use of force and restraint with sexual contact developed with the American Law Institute. Susan Wright & BebeBlueEyes explain how this gives legal power to sexual assault survivors, how it’ll be adopted state-by-state, about the new consent model EPP/Explicit Prior Permission & why implementing it as community standard is key to changing case law, what you can do to help, how the NCSF can assist you with criminal sexual assault cases involving consensual kink, and more.
Rethinking Kink with Kate Loree & Sunny Megatron American Sex Podcast episode 184 cover art

Rethinking Kink with Kate Loree & Sunny Megatron – Ep 184 American Sex Podcast

Why do masochists like suffering? What happens to the body & mind during the altered states of consciousness subspace & topspace? How do people use kink to be more grounded, regulate the nervous system, explore intense emotional states with minimal risk, and more? There’s a lot more to BDSM than ropes, paddles, and floggers! On ep 184 of American Sex Podcast, Sunny Megatron & therapist, Kate Loree explore the psychology & strategy behind custom building BDSM experiences.

Dominant Submissive D/s Dynamics w/Sinclair Sexsmith – Ep 183

On Ep 183 of American Sex Podcast, we talk with Sinclair Sexsmith about dominance & submission. While most are aware that Dom/sub play is common in kink, we also have a very narrow view of what it entails. D/s isn’t always cruel &…

Spotify, Rogan & Sexual Freedom w/ Sunny Megatron – Ep 182 American Sex Podcast

What does the Joe Rogan/Spotify controversy have to do with the freaky things you do in the bedroom? Surprisingly, A LOT! This situation uncovered bigger issues regarding corporate control of information & influence over censorship.…

Ep 181 – Sex Tips from a Urologist w/Dr. Ashley Winter

On episode 181 American Sex Podcast we have the convo you WISH you could have with your doctor… if they were sex & kink-positive, didn’t shame or judge, told jokes that made you snort-laugh, and had all the time in the world to answer…
Kink Education Sunny Megatron 12.13.21 American Sex Podcast Episode 180 art

Kink Education Freestyle Part 2 w/Sunny Megatron – Ep 180

On episode 180 of American Sex Podcast, Host & Kink Educator Sunny Megatron Is back for a second installment of free-style BDSM education. She gives helpful tips and busts myths that are commonly spread within the kink community. Topics…
Sex Toys for Disabled People Andrew Gurza Heather Morrison American Sex Podcast ep 179 cover art

Sex Toys for People w/Disabilities: Andrew Gurza & Heather Morrison – Ep 179

This week we talk with Andrew Gurza & Heather Morrison, the brother-sister team behind the first line of sex toys for people with disabilities, Bump’n. The idea started a few years ago with a chance conversation about Andrew’s increasing…
How to pick the best sex toy Sunny Megatron American Sex Podcast episode art for episode 178

Sex Toys & Pleasure Zones with Sunny Megatron – Ep 178

It’s sex toy season! Between all the holiday discounts hitting our inbox and impending supply shortages, many of us are making snap decisions to buy new gear. With more sex toys available than ever before and new technology available, wading…
Ruby Ryder Pegging and Vagus Nerve Podcast episode art - American Sex episode 177

Butt Stuff 201: Pegging & Vagus Nerve w/ Ruby Ryder – Ep 177

Why are so many people into deep anal insertion? One theory is because it can stimulate the vagus nerve. Not only can this feel amazing, but it may also trigger a cascade of health benefits! Ruby Ryder of Pegging Paradise fame joins us to…
Dollification Doll Kink Veronika Kestrel American Sex Podcast ep 176 episode cover art

Dollification Doll Play Kink with Veronika Kestrel – Ep 176

Veronika Kestrel joins us for ep 176 of American Sex Podcast to talk about one of her favorite kinks, Dollification. Dollification is doll roleplay--sounds basic on the surface but dollification is one of the most versatile and customizable…
SWAID Sex Worker Mutual Aid Codi Vore Queen Ava American Sex Podcast episode 175 art

Sex Worker Mutual Aid SWAID with Codi Vore & Queen Ava – Ep 175

On episode 174 of American Sex Podcast, we talk with Codi Vore and Queen Ava about sex worker mutual aid and the organization they helped co-found, SWAID Las Vegas. Some of what we cover: How mutual aid differs from traditional non-profits…
Humilaiation & Psychological Edge Play Podcast Pup Amp Sunny Megatron American Sex Podcast ep 174 episode cover art

Humiliation & Psychological Edge Play w/Amp Somers – ep 174 American Sex Podcast

On episode 174 of American Sex Podcast Sunny has a conversation with Amp Somers from the Watts Your Safeword Podcast about erotic humiliation and psychological edge play. Some of what we cover: Neurodivergence & psychological kink …

Sex, Kink & Trauma w/ Jamila M. Dawson August McLaughlin – Ep 173

Jamila M. Dawson, LMFT & August McLaughlin join us for episode 173 of American Sex Podcast to talk about sex, kink and trauma. The pair recently wrote a book on the subject called, With Pleasure: Managing Trauma Triggers for More Vibrant Sex and Relationships. If you’re a human you likely have trauma and whether you realize it or not, it can affect your connection to pleasure. Some of what we cover in this conversation: What trauma is/isn’t, If “fuck” is a trauma response like fight/flight/freeze/fawn, Trauma & the mind/body connection, Why some people find BDSM therapeutic, The difference between subspace & dissociation, Being trauma-aware in sex-positive communities, Neurodivergence, trauma & sex. As heavy as the subject seems, per our usual, we approach the subject with lightheartedness and lots of laughs! Life is too short to be serious all the time 😉
BDSM Education Sunny Megatron podcast

Kink Education Freestyle with Sunny Megatron – Ep 172

On episode 172 of American Sex Podcast, Host & Kink Educator Sunny Megatron free-styles BDSM education, gives helpful tips, and busts myths that are commonly spread within the kink community. Topics discussed: Benign masochism &…
Stefanos Shay Podcast Sex Ed BDSM Education

Pleasure Education w/ Stefanos & Shay – American Sex Podcast Ep 171

Want to be a sex or BDSM educator? Or become a better one? Maybe you’re a student wondering how to better vet the instructors you learn from? Stefanos and Shay join us for ep 171 of American Sex Podcast to talk about pleasure education. During…
Mollena Williams Haas Podcast Taboo BDSM

Taboo BDSM Play with Mollena Williams-Haas – American Sex Podcast Ep 170

Why are dark, disgusting fantasies that are in direct opposition to our moral beliefs some of our biggest turn-ons? How can what’s ‘so wrong’ be ‘so RIGHT’? Mollena Lee Williams-Haas tells us what’s behind this on episode 170 of…

Femme Dominance with Jaki Griot – Ep 169

Jaki Griot gives us the real talk on femme dominants on ep 169 of American Sex Podcast. In the kink world, they’re often disrespected, devalued, and held to higher standards than their masculine counterparts. Femme doms of color, even more…
Poly Superstar Kinky Salon More Than a Sex Party

More Than a Sex Party w/ Polly Superstar – Ep 168

Polly Superstar is a sex culture revolutionary and she’s also our guest on episode 168 of American Sex Podcast. Over the last 14 years her legendary event, Kinky Salon, has spread to 16 cities around the world. Some describe it as a sex party…
Daddy Play BDSM Luna Matatas American Sex Podcast cover art ep 167

Daddy Play with Luna Matatas – Ep 167 American Sex Podcast

Daddy play is hitting the mainstream and Luna Matatas joins us on episode 167 of American Sex Podcast to talk about the many flavors of this role-play. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to engage in age play to enjoy the daddy archetype. It’s not always a DDLG dynamic, although it can be. Luna explains why we find this kink so hot, the different types of daddy archetypes we can portray, why daddy play isn’t gender-dependent, the surging popularity of FemDaddies & gender non-conforming daddies, how it differs from mommy play, why not all daddies are dominant, the cultural and psychological origins of this kind of play, and more. 

OnlyFans & The Morality War with Kitty Stryker – Ep 166 American Sex Podcast

Last month, news of OnlyFans explicit content ban rocked the world. What was behind it? Were they sanitizing the platform to court new investors? Was their grand plan to exploit adult creators to grow the site only kick them to the curb once it gained mainstream appeal? Were payment processors pressuring them? And how were they able to reverse their decision so quickly? In episode 166 of American Sex Podcast, Kitty Stryker explains the complex and deep-rooted reasons for this unexpected series of events. It has ties to the censorship in media movement that goes back decades, religious groups with hidden agendas, shady anti-trafficking organizations, and more. She warns that even though Only Fans ban was suspended, there may be more to come that will affect every corner of the internet. 

Kink Informed Therapists & Care Professionals w/ Midori – Ep 165

Kink trailblazer Midori joins us for episode 165. Now at the helm of the first Kink Informed Professionals Certification of its kind, Midori recently partnered with the Sexual Health Alliance to bridge the gap between BDSM and mental health/care professions. Once pathologized, kink has recently become a serious area of professional interest and study. In this conversation, Midori tells us how myths from popular culture and those perpetrated by the BDSM community itself have contributed to bias in care professions. We pinpoint why the mental health field is beginning to see BDSM as a healthy outlet for creativity, resilience, and valid erotic expression. We also touch on the ways abuse hides within kink and how stigma around that affects our relationships with therapists, doctors, social workers, attorneys, and other care professionals we come into contact with.

Electric Play w/ Cass Anderson & Emma Norman – Ep 164

Ep 164 of American Sex Podcast is SHOCKING! Sunny talks electric play with Emma & Cass from the Honeydew Me Podcast. If you think e-stim is all about pain, think again! Electrosex devices are incredibly versatile. With just a simple setting adjustment you can go from a hardcore BDSM scene to gentle, sensual, hands-free orgasms! In this conversation, we start with the basics of TENS units and violet wands and pace up the action step-by-step so you can zero in on what suits you. You’ll learn safety information, about body piercings & electric play, how-tos, accessories you can find around the house, party games, and more. There’s something in this episode for every type of player from vanilla to extreme.  

Lessons from a New Kinkster with Erik Gude & Catie Osborn – Ep 163

Ep 163 of American Sex podcast is jampacked with so many practical tips and insights for new & experienced kinksters alike! When Erik got into kink less than a year ago, he didn’t realize how profoundly it would change his life both inside and outside the bedroom. Joined by his partner & mentor Catie, Erik walks us through his transformative journey of self-discovery. We discuss strategies for negotiating your first scene when you don’t know how kink tools feel or what experiencing a scene is like. Erik tells us about his unexpected feeling of mourning and how to handle expectations that don’t match up with reality, how Erik & Catie dealt with the common phenomenon known as frenzy, navigating kink with ADHD, and how it can help align your body and mind. We also get into switching and the similarities and differences between subspace, domspace, and their respective drops. This is a must-listen for those curious about or into kink.   

Catholicism Kink w/ Arielle Aquinas & Danarama – Ep 162

Kinky religious play is the ultimate taboo. But why is it so popular? Go on to any porn site and you’ll find countless sexy latex-wearing nuns or roleplays that start with “forgive me, father, for I have sinned” and feature the naughty penance that follows. On ep 162 of American Sex Podcast Danarama and Arielle Aquinas explore why this kind of play is so popular, how you can engage in it without sacrilege, and why the trauma it brings up for some can be healing. Dan & Arielle give us scene ideas too including how we can pervert the sacraments plus real-life and specialty items we can use in play. Whether you’re a non-believer, a recovering catholic, or curious about exploring your faith through sexuality without engaging in blasphemy-- there’s lots in this conversation you’re going to love!  

Sex-Positive Community Post-COVID w/Justine Cross – Ep 161

On Ep 161 of American Sex Podcast, Justine Cross helps us navigate our emotions around getting back to dating, traveling, and attending sex parties in a post(ish)-COVID world. Although many of us are vaccinated and the CDC has relaxed social distancing guidelines, we’re having unexpected mixed feelings about integrating back into our real-life sex-positive communities. Introverts that thrived online are anxious about their newfound virtual communities disappearing. Visually stunning live online performance has become its own art form that we just can’t duplicate in a real-life setting. Which in-person events do we go to? When? How do we throw our own vaccinated-only gatherings? Justine gives us the pep talk we all need plus lays out practical tips for event planning & navigating post-quarantine uncertainty.

Puppy Play with Amp Somers – Ep 160

You’re invited to our puppy pile! On ep 160 of American Sex Podcast, Amp Somers from Watts the Safeword joins us to talk puppy play. This episode is your ultimate pup resource! Find out exactly why so many people enjoy this role-play plus learn what kind of gear you need, how to join community & who’s welcome, how consent works when your words are barks, dynamics between pup and handler, switching as a puppy, similarities in role-playing other animals and primal kink, public play and when it crosses the line, various pup roles, how solo & non-community puppy play works, and more. We even talk about a recent puppy play scientific research study. This episode is so jam-packed with helpful info you won’t want to PAWS it! We leave no bone unturned! *groan*
Glenise Kinard Moore VDOM Leveling Up The Strap American Sex Podcast episode 159 cover art

Leveling Up The Strap with Glenise Kinard-Moore – Ep 159

Have an idea for a new sex toy design but no clue how to actually produce it? Let this conversation with Glenise Kinard-Moore be your inspiration! A couple of years ago Glenise was an average person with an off-the-cuff idea and today she’s the founder of the lifestyle tech startup, SkiiMoo. Her flagship product, VDOM, isn’t only a pleasure tool, it's also a groundbreaking gender-affirming prosthetic made for the LGBTQ+ community. Glenise walks us through the process of starting with zero background in the pleasure business and what she did every step of the way. She also talks about disrupting the status quo as a queer Black woman entering an industry that isn’t always as inclusive as it appears.

Keeping Secrets with Kate Loree – Ep 156

Did you know the average person has 13 secrets? On episode 156 of American Sex Podcast, Therapist Kate Loree joins us to examine the role secrets play in our lives. Find out: When are secrets good? When are they bad? How can we tell the difference?…

Non-Monogamy & Therapy w/Dr. Liz Powell & Kevin Patterson – Ep 153

On ep 153 of American Sex Podcast, Kevin Patterson & Dr. Liz Powell talk about the complexities of both finding a therapist knowledgeable about non-normative lifestyles/identities and becoming a therapist who is. Learn why non-monogamous…
Blow Job Tips Carly S

BJ Tips & Tricks with Carly S – Ep 152 American Sex Podcast

Episode 152 of American Sex Podcast is jampacked with tips for fantastic fellatio! In our conversation with Carly S we start with the psychology of BJs-- does viewing it as a dominant or submissive act affect our enjoyment and technique? Also…
Politics of Sex Censorship Podcast

The Politics of Sex Censorship – Ep 151 American Sex Podcast

If you think the latest round of internet censorship doesn’t affect you, think again. Social media TOS changes, Visa/MasterCard halting services on Pornhub, and Section 230 being wrapped up in our COVID relief bills affect not only sex censorship…
Midori Rope Bondage

Rope Bondage with Midori – Ep 150 American Sex Podcast

Rope bondage can be visually stunning. But many of us leave erotic human macrame to the experts because the prospect of doing it ourselves is so intimidating. Do we need specialty rope, impeccable technique, and the confidence to go with it all? No according to Midori! On Ep 150 of American Sex Podcast Midori guides us through rope bondage for beginners with items we all have at home. Learn about safety, get inspiration for scene ideas, and how to have fun with long-distance bondage play. Midori also discusses the cultural origins of Shibari. Is it an honorable ancient Japanese practice like many of the rope enthusiasts claim? Or is there some cultural misappropriation at play? The answer may surprise you. 

Butt Play with Dr. Carlton – Ep 149 American Sex Podcast

Butt play is for everyone. It doesn’t have a gender or orientation. So many folks are curious but don’t know where to get safe information. Who better to ask than a gay GI doctor who not only knows the medical side of things but is no stranger to butt stuff himself?! On ep 149 of American Sex Podcast, Dr. Carlton tells us everything we need to know about the back door. We discuss enemas, considerations for hemorrhoids and fissures, how to stretch safely, how much is too much, prostate stimulation, anal orgasms for people with vulvas, lubes, fisting, must-know tips for tops and bottoms, and more. Also learn why it’s important to tell your doctor about the kind of sex you have and what to do if they shame you. 

Censorship & Sex On The Internet – Ep 148

Whether it’s for long-distance play during quarantine or to replace lost income using sites like Only Fans, more people than ever are using the internet for sex. Many are shocked when their accounts are shut down after using Zoom for a date, storing thirst trap content on Google Drive, or posting PG-13 content on mainstream social media. Why does this happen? In this conversation, Sunny Megatron details the modern history of sexual censorship in the U.S. starting with Miller vs. California in 1973 diving down the rabbit hole of historical events leading us to where we are now. If you’ve ever wondered why Instagram, TikTok or adult sites have the odd rules they do about adult content, the answer is in this episode-- and it might surprise you. 

Abuse in Kink Relationships & Communities with Bekah Rose – Ep 147

On episode 147 we talk with Bekah Rose about abuse in the kink community and in kink relationships. How do we most effectively deal with habitual abusers in our spaces? Is it always possible to make room for people that abuse to change and…

Mindf*cks with Sir Ezra – Ep 146 American Sex Podcast

In the kink world a mindf*ck involves ethically using mental manipulation to bend a bottom’s reality. Whether it’s the subtle twisting of details to enhance a sensory experience or an elaborate rouse akin to an erotic practical joke, minf*cks…

Kink Education & Social Media w/Safiya Darling – Ep 145 American Sex Podcast

The most popular place to learn about kink is the internet. Social media platforms have become a wealth of BDSM information for newbies and beginners alike. While websites and pop culture have made kink more acceptable and accessible, they are also allowing potentially dangerous misinformation to spread like wildfire. On ep 145 Safiya Darling talks about the plusses and pitfalls of learning about kink in the digital age. We discuss edgeplay activities like knife play & erotic choking, how to properly vet partners and educators, ways to be sure you’re getting a well-rounded kink education & more.  

Age Play + M/s Dynamics – Mako Allen – Ep 144 American Sex Podcast

Age players are not only often misunderstood by those in the vanilla world but even by the kink community. On ep 144 Mako Allen sets the record straight. Age play often involves tapping into a particular state of mind and vulnerability and he explains why this is so appealing. We discuss if and how age play might be tied to rewriting childhood trauma, the existence of dominant littles, what benefits those playing the role of a big enjoy, and diaper play, plus Mako tells us about his personal journey rejecting exploring the role of a little due to fear and stigma. We also learn about the new app Mako created to help those in M/s and D/s dynamic manage punishments and rewards.  

Switching in BDSM with Ana Algos – Ep 143

What does it mean to be a switch in BDSM? This week Queen Ana Algos brings us into the world of switching. We talk about switch erasure--some people think switches don’t exist, they’re just confused doms and subs that haven’t picked a…

Cuffing Season & COVID w/ Sarah Sloane – Ep 142 American Sex Podcast

After more than six months our COVID situation isn’t getting better. While we may have started this journey as isolation superstars, the need for human contact is growing stronger. Sarah Sloane joins us to talk about how we can date in kinky,…

ADHD & Sex with Catie Osborn – Ep 141 American Sex Podcast

The way we perceive the world physically and mentally has profound effects on our sexuality. Sadly, this is something we rarely talk about. On episode 141 of American Sex Podcast, Catie Osborn discusses ADHD, sex, and BDSM. We cover adult diagnosis,…

Sex in 2020 w/ Cam & Karen Lee Poter – Ep 137

On ep 137 of American Sex Podcast, we talk with mother-son duo, Cam & KarenLee Poter of the Sex Talk With My Mom podcast, about what’s happening with our sex lives in 2020. Some of us have lost our libido and others are hyper-sexual wanting…

Race & BDSM w/ Luna Matatas & Marla Renee Stewart – Ep 136

On episode 136 of American Sex Podcast, we talk about the intersection of race and kink with Luna Matatas and Marla Renee Stewart. Learn how casual and not so casual racism shows up in structural, cultural, and interpersonal contexts in the…