Dollification Doll Kink Veronika Kestrel American Sex Podcast ep 176 episode cover art

Dollification Doll Kink Veronika Kestrel American Sex Podcast ep 176 episode cover artVeronika Kestrel joins us for ep 176 of American Sex Podcast to talk about one of her favorite kinks, Dollification. Dollification is doll roleplay–sounds basic on the surface but dollification is one of the most versatile and customizable kinks adaptable to both sensual and extreme play. Some of what we touch on in this conversation:

  • Viewing kink as a collaborative art
  • Dollification as a vehicle for other kinks/playstyles like–bondage, gender exploration, CNC, humiliation, emotional empowerment, objectification/dehumanization, worship, fear play, orgasm control/enhancement, etc.
  • Animated vs. stationary dolls & similarities to other kinks like bimbofication and dronification
  • Scenarios for dominant dolls & submissive makers
  • Doll types–robots, stuffies, mannequins, marionettes, etc.
  • Possible therapeutic benefits of dollification & doll headspace

Veronika Kestrel Bio

Veronika Kestrel, or Auntie V, Your Friendly Trans Dungeon Pro, is a Professional Switch at Sanctuary Studios LAX, under Head Mistress Cyan.

She is a 14-year veteran of the kink lifestyle, first in Denver and now in Southern California. Aside from her for-profit industry content, she teaches kink theory, practice, ethics, and safety, both publicly on TikTok and privately, by appointment. She also discusses domestic abuse and recovery, social justice, and polyamorous relationship dynamics.

She is also a prolific graffiti artist, experienced stage actress, Air Force Veteran, and spends much of her time flying down the freeways on her motorcycle, bunny ears flapping in the wind.



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