ADHD & Sex with Catie Osborn – Ep 141 American Sex Podcast

The way we perceive the world physically and mentally has profound effects on our sexuality. Sadly, this is something we rarely talk about. On episode 141 of American Sex Podcast, Catie Osborn discusses ADHD, sex, and BDSM. We cover adult diagnosis, how hormonal changes and menstrual cycle affect ADHD, why kink is appealing to neurodiverse people, how ADHD can affect libido and ability to orgasm, how to negotiate BDSM scenes with neurodiversity in mind, what neurotypical doms need to know to play safe, and more. Whether you or your partner is neurodiverse (ADHD, ASD, NVLD, etc), you need the info in this episode!  

Catie Osborn Bio

Catie Osborn is a performer, educator and general all-around sex enthusiast. She holds two Master’s Degrees in Shakespeare and currently resides in Georgia, where she was the Entertainment Director of the Georgia Renaissance Festival before the pandemic ate her job. She currently works as a professional performer slash magician and as a kink and ADHD educator on Tiktok because in this economy why not?



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