Ep 163 of American Sex podcast is jampacked with so many practical tips and insights for new & experienced kinksters alike! When Erik got into kink less than a year ago, he didn’t realize how profoundly it would change his life both inside and outside the bedroom. Joined by his partner & mentor Catie, Erik walks us through his transformative journey of self-discovery. We discuss strategies for negotiating your first scene when you don’t know how kink tools feel or what experiencing a scene is like. Erik tells us about his unexpected feeling of mourning and how to handle expectations that don’t match up with reality, how Erik & Catie dealt with the common phenomenon known as frenzy, navigating kink with ADHD, and how it can help align your body and mind. We also get into switching and the similarities and differences between subspace, domspace, and their respective drops. This is a must-listen for those curious about or into kink.

Catie Osborn Bio 

Catie Osborn (@catieosaurus on TikTok and everywhere else) is an Atlanta-based actor, magician, and general all-purpose theatre nerd. She holds two master’s degrees in Shakespeare and spent a year as a touring slam poet, which was a very weird time. As co-host of Infinite Quest, she is in charge of the nerd rants and Shakespeare diversions. Most notably, she played Annie on seasons 1-4 of the prominent sci-fi series “Ships of the Northern Fleet”. 

Erik Gude Bio

Erik Gude (@heygude on TikTok and most everywhere else except for Twitter where he’s @erikgude because some guy has his goddamn username) is a classically trained guitarist, artist, performer, sourdough enthusiast, and new kinkster. He is also unreasonably good at making scale models out of coffee stirrers. As co-host, Erik is in charge of cooking facts, editing, and being better at DnD than Catie.

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