In just a few months OnlyFans newbie, Savannah Solo, catapulted to the top of the platform’s most successful creators list. On episode 131 of American Sex Podcast Savannah explains how her unique mix of comedy and boobs unexpectedly made her a social media sensation. Get insight on the comedic alter egos she plays in her video clips– like Jim Jim, the stereotypical clueless client, and the 1940s style Katherine Hepburn-esque catty competitors. Savanna also talks about the struggle to keep up with soaring product demand and reveals must-know info for those starting out on OnlyFans. Although her experience was not the norm, Savanna offers great advice on pricing items, adjusting your earnings expectations, dealing with criticism, learning to love your body, and more.

Savannah Solo Bio

If you’ve been traversing the NSFW side of Twitter lately you have probably stumbled across Savannah Solo at one point or another. Savannah is new to the sex-work scene, but in her short time she has developed a name for herself– not just creating boobie content, but also creating funny videos about the woes of online sex work to unite the community. She crams her love of comedy and Star Wars into everything she can (including her name), and she has one of the fastest growing Onlyfans pages, where she does everything from hot sauce challenges to spicy cosplay and solo videos.

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