Glenise Kinard Moore VDOM Leveling Up The Strap American Sex Podcast episode 159 cover artHave an idea for a new sex toy design but no clue how to actually produce it? Let this conversation with Glenise Kinard-Moore be your inspiration! A couple of years ago Glenise was an average person with an off-the-cuff idea and today she’s the founder of the lifestyle tech startup, SkiiMoo. Her flagship product, VDOM, isn’t only a pleasure tool, it’s also a groundbreaking gender-affirming prosthetic made for the LGBTQ+ community. Glenise walks us through the process of starting with zero background in the pleasure business and what she did every step of the way.  She also talks about disrupting the status quo as a queer Black woman entering an industry that isn’t always as inclusive as it appears.

Glenise Kinard-Moore Bio

Based in Atlanta. Glenise Kinard-Moore is a wife, a daughter, sister (youngest of three), tech nerd, idealist, and visionary.

An information security professional by day and an ambitious tech creative by night.

Glenise’s superpower is breaking apart things to create new things. She holds an undergraduate degree from Georgia State University, where she attended as a student-athlete.

Having worked within the information security world for the last six-plus years, Glenise holds several information security and audit industry certifications.

Using her advanced tech skills and knowledge Glenise chose to challenge herself by finding a solution to the annoying world of limited and ineffective products.  Wanting to design something that could be worn comfortably all day and hands-free as much as naturally possible.  Her aim was the wearable would also be able to go from non-erect to erect via a simple process.  She succeeded and The VDOM was born.

The VDOM is set to be available to consumers in summer 2021, pre-order via the website,

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