Decriminalizing BDSM w/NCSF, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom – Ep 185 American Sex Podcast

NCSF podcast explicit prior permission new model penal code sexual assault 3.28.22

NCSF podcast explicit prior permission new model penal code sexual assault 3.28.22U.S. law interprets consensual kink activities as harmful, criminal acts. This makes prosecuting sexual assault cases within the context of BDSM difficult. How can you prove non-consensual sex occurred if kink isn’t considered sex in the eyes of the law, it’s assault? The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom/NCSF worked along with the American Law Institute to establish a legal definition of consent in kink. They just unveiled the New Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault: Affirmative Defense of Explicit Prior Permission for use of force and restraint with sexual contact.

On ep 185 of American Sex Podcast, the NCSF’s Susan Wright & BebeBlueEyes explain how this gives legal power to sexual assault survivors, how it’ll be adopted state-by-state, about the new consent model EPP/Explicit Prior Permission & why implementing it as community standard is integral to changing case law, what you can do to help, how the NCSF can assist you with criminal sexual assault cases involving consensual kink, and more.

If you’re kinky this is a MUST LISTEN–you need to know how the legal definition of consent is changing.

Guest Bio – Susan Wright, M.A

Susan Wright, M.A., (she/her) founded the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom in 1997, and currently serves as Executive Director. In addition, she serves on the advocacy and community advisory committees for AASECT, the APA’s Division 44: Task Force on Consensual Non-monogamy, Kink Clinician Guidelines, and the Diverse Sexualities Research Education Institute. She chaired the successful DSM-5 Revision Project which helped result in the consensual paraphilias being separated from the APA’s Paraphilic Disorders in 2013. She currently chairs the Consent Counts Committee that worked with the American Law Institute on the new Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault to create Section 213:10: Affirmative Defense of Explicit Prior Permission for use of force and restraint with sexual contact. Her research for NCSF focuses on discrimination and violence against alt-sex practitioners; consent practices and attitudes; and the mental and physical health of alt-sex practitioners, with papers published in journals including the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Psychology & Sexuality, Journal of Trauma and Dissociation, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Archives of Sexual Behavior, Journal of Sexual Medicine, Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, International Journal of Social Psychiatry, and Journal of Homosexuality.

Guest Bio – BebeBlueEyes

Bebe is a Poly, Het, very active, giggle bottom, service topping ‘s type’.  Since 2009, Bebe has been serving the broader kink & poly communities, presenting classes related to her passion, the ever-evolving topic of Consent. During covid, Bebe started the Submissive Safe Call, an online discussion group to keep ‘s types’ connected. She founded StL PolyHarmonic, a local group for kinky & polyamorous persons.  In 2020, Bebe was humbled & honored to be chosen by Leather Leadership Conference for their Servant Leadership award! She s currently serving her 7th year on the Board of Directors of National Coalition for Sexual Freedom ( She is mother of a TNG kinkster, an IT Professional, Avid Foodie & Music Lover, and Debauchery Explorer! She’s also an ICASA certified Sexual Assault Victim Advocate for the State of IL!  Her passions are service to the community, education, and personal responsibility through empowerment.



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