Sex Toys for People w/Disabilities: Andrew Gurza & Heather Morrison – Ep 179

Sex Toys for Disabled People Andrew Gurza Heather Morrison American Sex Podcast ep 179 cover art

Sex Toys for Disabled People Andrew Gurza Heather Morrison American Sex Podcast ep 179 cover artThis week we talk with Andrew Gurza & Heather Morrison, the brother-sister team behind the first line of sex toys for people with disabilities, Bump’n. The idea started a few years ago with a chance conversation about Andrew’s increasing difficulty with self-pleasure due to Cerebral Palsy. Last week, the company they founded launched their first product. Some of what we talk about:

  • Ways the sexual health & wellness industry ignores the needs of people with physical limitations
  • The challenges of founding a sex tech startup with no prior experience
  • How user feedback about The Joystick–a huggable, humpable, 3 ft long device designed for hands-free pleasure–uncovered profound intimacy benefits for people of all abilities
  • How preliminary research lead to a partnership with a leading design expert and a groundbreaking book detailing personal stories and insights about sex & disability

Andrew Gurza Bio

Andrew Gurza is an award-winning Disability Awareness Consultant and the Chief Disability Officer and Co-founder of Bump’n, a sex toy company for and by disabled people.  Andrew uses they/he pronouns and identifies proudly as disabled.  Their work has been featured on BBC, CBC, Daily Xtra, Gay Times UK, Huffington Post, The Advocate, Everyday Feminism, Mashable,, and several anthologies.  He was the subject of an award-winning National Film Board of Canada Documentary “Picture This”.  Andrew has guested on a number of podcasts including Dan Savage’s Savage Love and Cameron Esposito’s Queery. He has spoken all over the world on sex, disability, and what it means to be a Queer Cripple.

He is also the host of Disability After Dark: The Podcast Shining a Bright Light on Disability Stories which won a Canadian Podcast Award in 2021, a Queerty Award, and was chosen as an Honoree at the 2020 Webby Awards. The show is available on all platforms. Andrew is also the creator of the viral hashtag #DisabledPeopleAreHot.

Heather Morrison Bio

Heather is co-founder and CEO of Bump’n, a start-up on a mission to bump the barriers in the way of sexual pleasure, starting by creating the first line of sex toys for people with disabilities. Previous to her role at Bump’n, she spent over a decade as an award-winning advertising and innovation strategist.  Working on high-profile campaigns and product development for global brands like Uber Eats, IKEA, and Subway.



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