Healing Painful Sex with Sophia Wise One – Ep 134

On ep 134 of American Sex Podcast, we learn about pelvic pain during sex with Sophia Wise one. Vaginismus isn’t the only condition responsible for painful sex and it can happen to people with penises too. Sophia gives us a fascinating pelvic anatomy lesson, tells us about the many origins of pelvic pain both psychological and trauma-related, gives us tips for connecting and relaxing this part of our bodies, and provides insight on what to do when seeking pelvic floor physical therapy or somatic healing. Disconnection with this part of our bodies is more common than you may think, Sophia explores why so many of us have grown accustomed to numbing our genitals during pleasure–in fact, we’ve become so adept at this we often don’t realize it’s happening.

Sophia Wise One Bio

Speaker, singer, mentor, transformational storyteller, visionary, and prayer of prayers. She is the host of two global podcasts: “Vagina Talks” and  “Medicine Caller”. Sophia makes temples everywhere she goes where people claim their sacredness, define it for themselves, and remember who they truly are. She trains professional medicine callers to trust and optimize their medicine through self-mastery, soul unification, skill refinement, and ancestral reclamation. She is the creator and author of I LOVE MY LIFE: Oracle Deck and Academy. A child mystic who has been a professional Medicine Caller for over twenty years, she is trained in over twenty different modalities. Known for her candor and love, digging deep, laughing the whole way.


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