Cuffing Season & COVID w/ Sarah Sloane – Ep 142 American Sex Podcast

After more than six months our COVID situation isn’t getting better. While we may have started this journey as isolation superstars, the need for human contact is growing stronger. Sarah Sloane joins us to talk about how we can date in kinky, polyamorous, and vanilla situations. How do we safely meet new people? How do we assess our COVID risk profile and match it up to others with similar values? How do we reevaluate our own safety precautions to allow a little more social interaction in our lives? Sara gives us practical advice for navigating first dates, strategies for finding people with similar virus ethics, ways to play that mitigate our risk, and more.  It turns out there are companionship strategies we can start putting in place now that we’ll thank ourselves for in the dead of winter. 

Sarah Sloane Bio

Sarah Sloane is a Chicago-based sex, kink, and relationship educator and coach, as well as the director of operations & communications at #open – a dating app that prioritizes personal empowerment and choice, and welcomes people engaged in kink and ethical non-monogamy. For the past two decades, Sarah has been helping others create the sex, intimacy, and relationships that they desire through education & personal coaching – and she’s happy to help #open create those opportunities for members from all over the world. Sarah identifies herself as a queer white cis woman, and uses she/her pronouns.



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