Age Play + M/s Dynamics – Mako Allen – Ep 144 American Sex Podcast

Age players are not only often misunderstood by those in the vanilla world but even by the kink community. On ep 144 Mako Allen sets the record straight. Age play often involves tapping into a particular state of mind and vulnerability and he explains why this is so appealing. We discuss if and how age play might be tied to rewriting childhood trauma, the existence of dominant littles, what benefits those playing the role of a big enjoy, and diaper play, plus Mako tells us about his personal journey rejecting exploring the role of a little due to fear and stigma. We also learn about the new app Mako created to help those in M/s and D/s dynamic manage punishments and rewards.  

Mako Allen Bio

Mako Allen is an author, podcaster, developer, and advocate in the kink and age play communities, from Washington, DC.

He wrote two novels, “Auntie Eva’s Boarder”, and “Concerning Littleton”.   Mako’s writing is about many themes including ageplay, domination and submission, and sex positivity.  But more importantly, it’s about coming to a place of self-acceptance with one’s sexuality, and learning compassion. That not-so-subtle agenda pervades much of his work.

He’s one of the co-hosts of the Big Little Podcast, a podcast by, about, and for age players ().

Mako also has a long and storied career in the BDSM and ageplay communities not as a member but as an advocate and presenter. He’s polyamorous, a switch, and an age player, too.

Mako is a tao-chia Taoist. Mindful practice is a major part of everything he does.  

Mako’s newest project is an app to help adults in discipline-based relationships to manage their dynamic together.  It’s called WeMinder.  Find out more about it at 


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