ABDL Fetish Adult Baby Diaper LoverHave you ever heard of ABDL fetish? That stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover. On episode 115 of American Sex Podcast, we talk to an anonymous diaper fetishist known as Diaper Boy. Diaper boy is a handsome, fit, African American man who enjoys opening minds by breaking the stereotypes of ADBL players and black submissive men. He teaches us how masculinity and tenderness can coexist and inspires others to take comfort in pursuing fantasies that seem “weird.” Diaper boy answers your burning ABDL questions too– how did his diaper fetish start? Is it hard to find partners to play with? Does he use things like pacifiers, bottles and sippy cups too? Are his diapers just for aesthetic role play purposes or does he do his business in them? This conversation is eye-opening!

Diaper Boy Bio

34 year old married heteroflexible ABDL black male (lol thats a mouthful) exploring his own kink and desires while seeking to educate and normalize the talk about sex, self love, kinks and gender expectations in the African American community by disrupting widely held misconceptions through his social media content and interaction.

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