Ep 164 of American Sex Podcast is SHOCKING! Sunny talks electric play with Emma & Cass from the Honeydew Me Podcast. If you think e-stim is all about pain, think again! Electrosex devices are incredibly versatile. With just a simple setting adjustment you can go from a hardcore BDSM scene to gentle, sensual, hands-free orgasms! In this conversation, we start with the basics of TENS units and violet wands and pace up the action step-by-step so you can zero in on what suits you. You’ll learn safety information, about body piercings & electric play, how-tos, accessories you can find around the house, party games, and more. There’s something in this episode for every type of player from vanilla to extreme.

Honeydew Me Podcast/Emma Norma & Cass Anderson

Honeydew Me is a podcast dedicated to helping you have great sex, feel good in your body, and love yourself. We aren’t experts, but we are willing to overshare and ask all the embarrassing questions, so you don’t have to. We bring on kickass experts and educators every week who literally teach us how to have amazing sex. When you’re ready to bust through shame, laugh your ass off, and remember that what you’re going through is normal, we’re your go to gals–Emma Norman & Cass Anderson


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