On episode 121 of American Sex Podcast, Sydney Leathers talks about her fallout from the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal. In what was one of the biggest political sex scandals of the last decade Sydney was cyberbullied, hounded by the media, isolated from family and friends, shunned by members of the adult industry, and slut-shamed by her own therapist. She tells us how she eventually came out on the other side and how this incident unexpectedly improved, and perhaps even saved, her life. We examine why we repeatedly fail to consider how power dynamics, age, and the men themselves in sex scandals; deconstruct the common narrative that women are evil temptresses; and reflect on what may have been different if it happened post #MeToo. Sydney also gives us her pick for the 2020 presidential election and tells voters what to watch for regarding issues impacting sexual freedom and sex work when evaluating candidates. 

Sydney Leathers Bio 

Sydney Leathers is a sex worker/freelance writer covering the intersection of sex work & politics.

Topic Background

Sydney was thrust into the spotlight in 2013 when the press leaked her identity after she exposed sexting conversations with congressman and New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner. Prior to the sexting scandal involving Sydney Leathers, Weiner faced a similar public sexting scandal and apologized. After Sydney went public, Weiner was caught sexting again. This time with a 15-year-old girl. For that, he served 18 months in prison and is now a registered sex offender. It was during this scandal that Syndey started her porn career starring in the satirical adult movie based on the Weiner scandal called “Weiner and Me” opposite Xander Corvus. 

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