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Award-Winning Certified Sex Educator

BDSM Educator & Strategist

Certified Relationship Coach

Television Host & EP (Showtime TV)

Award-Winning Podcaster

Sexual Health & Wellness Influencer

Sex with Sunny Megatron, a Showtime Original Series

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American Sex & Open Deeply Podcasts

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Sunny Megatron BDSM Dungeon

Sexual Health Influencer & Pleasure Advocate

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Sunny Megatron: Sex & Kink educator, TV Host, American Sex Podcast, Sex & Relationship Expert

Who is Sunny Megatron?

Sunny Megatron is a Sexuality & Kink Educator and media personality. She’s the host and executive producer of the Showtime original television series, SEX with Sunny Megatron, plus co-hosts the AASECT Award winning American Sex Podcast and Open Deeply Podcast

Sunny is a Certified Relationship Coach and American College of Sexologists International Certified Sex Educator plus was voted XBIZ 2021 Sexpert of the Year and Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Superhero of 2017. She’s been featured in Cosmo, Playboy, Buzzfeed, CNN, and more plus is a contributing editor of XBIZ Premiere Magazine and a regular columnist for Sexual Health Magazine. Her first book, Customizable Kink: A Strategic Guide to Erotic Play will be released in 2022. 

In her sell-out sexuality and kink workshops, Sunny’s unique brand of “edutainment” seamlessly combines her humorous lecturing style, interactive exercises, and the latest sexuality research. Sunny’s passion is helping people become their authentic, sexual selves by learning to overcome shame and shed inhibitions. As a lifestyle BDSM enthusiast, her work focuses on demystifying non-normative sexual practices, amplifying erotic intelligence, and ending stigma.

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American Sex Podcast


Open Deeply Podcast

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Showtime Original Series, Sex with Sunny Megatron

“Get ready for a fresh take on a very old subject. Sex blogger, pleasure advocate and cyber celebrity Sunny Megatron takes us on a journey into the surprising, underground world of adult play. Through honest conversation and compelling personal stories, everyday people expose their deepest, most intimate fantasies, and nothing is taboo. Frank, funny and always sex-positive, Sunny Megatron just might be the perfect cure for your bedroom blues.” –SHOWTIME

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Sex Ed, Pleasure Anatomy, and Kink/BDSM Workshops & Classes

  • Live Virtual & On-Site (On-site in 2022 Pandemic Permitting)
  • Pre-Recorded/On-Demand Also Available
  • Variety of Sexuality & Kink/BDSM Topics
  • Couples, Singles, Sex-Positive Community Events
  • University Sex Weeks & Class Guest Lectures
  • Conferences, Conventions & Keynotes
  • Mental Health & Medical Professional Training 
  • Industry Retail Staff, Distributor & Manufacturer Training
  • Retailer Consumer Workshops & Events
  • Bachleor/ette Parties & Private Classes

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