Therapeutic Kink with Andrea Glik – Ep 189 American Sex Podcast

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Therapeutic Kink Andrea Glik American Sex Podcast ep 189 cover artKink isn’t a replacement for therapy, but it can be therapeutic. On Ep 189 Andrea Glik, LMSW explains the impact of trauma on our nervous system, depression as a survival response, the stress response cycle, the difference between glimmers and triggers, how BDSM can be used to heal trauma for both doms and subs, how she integrates clients BDSM experiences into therapy, plus how healing can manifest through CNC, little space, subspace, aftercare, and more. Even if you’re not a kinkster, this episode will help you discover how trauma & shame affect your s3xual identity. Also a must-listen for mental health providers and those struggling to get their therapists to understand the importance of kink in their lives.     

Andrea Glik Bio

Andrea Glik, LMSW is a psychotherapist, somatic healer, and sex educator. Andrea specializes in treating trauma and PTSD for women, survivors, and queer & trans folks, utilizing body-based and feminist therapy practices to help clients come home to themselves. Andrea practices on occupied Lenape territory (colonized as NYC) and can also be found on Instagram @somaticwitch.



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