Sex Worker Mutual Aid SWAID with Codi Vore & Queen Ava – Ep 175

SWAID Sex Worker Mutual Aid Codi Vore Queen Ava American Sex Podcast episode 175 art

SWAID Sex Worker Mutual Aid Codi Vore Queen Ava American Sex Podcast episode 175 art On episode 174 of American Sex Podcast, we talk with Codi Vore and Queen Ava about sex worker mutual aid and the organization they helped co-found, SWAID Las Vegas. Some of what we cover:

  • How mutual aid differs from traditional non-profits & how this strategy eliminates exploitation and inequity common in mainstream charity
  • Why mutual aid is especially beneficial to sex workers and circumvents barriers that are specific to this industry
  • How the pandemic has affected the sex work community and made mutual aid efforts more mainstream in many different communities
  • Decriminalization of sex work and how it differs from legalization
  • Financial discrimination of all types of sex workers from full service to cam performers and OnlyFans creators

About Codi Vore and Queen Ava

Codi Vore is an adult performer and representative of SWAID Vegas, a mutual aid fund for sex workers.

Queen Ava is 29 and lives in southern Arizona. She is a fetishist, cam star, author and more. In her spare time, Ava is a 420 enthusiast, avid reader, foodie, and binge tv watcher. Her favorite meal is French toast and bacon. When she isn’t smoking or trying new foods, Ava is volunteering for SWAID Vegas. Ava loves volunteering for SWAID because she knows community in the world of sex work is so important.

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