Pornhub Documentary on Netflix & Free Speech with Mike Stabile – Ep 202 American Sex Podcast

Porn Hub Podcast Netflix Free Speech - Mike Stabile American Sex Episode 202 american sex podcast episode art

Porn Hub Podcast Netflix Free Speech - Mike Stabile American Sex Episode 202 american sex podcast episode artMike Stabile, who appeared in Netflix’s Moneyshot: The Pornhub Story joins us to talk about important details that didn’t make it into the documentary. Some of what we discuss:

  • The aftermath of the 2020 New York Times article that shook up the adult industry
  • How the far-reaching consequences affect us all
  • Who’s behind the Traffickinghub campaign, related anti-trafficking organizations & why
  • What Pornhub did wrong & did right
  • The role of adult performers in maintaining checks & balances in the industry
  • The ins & outs of data collection & site moderation on Pornhub
  • The recent surprise announcement that Pornhub was acquired by a company called Ethical Capital Partners

Guest Bio – Mike Stabile

Mike Stabile is an activist, journalist, and documentary filmmaker who has written about and advocated for the rights of sex workers and sexual speech for over a decade. His firm, Polari Media, has developed press and media strategies for some of the adult industry’s most well-known brands. Mike currently serves as the Director of Public Affairs at Free Speech Coalition, the trade and advocacy group for the adult industry.


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