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Sunny’s Favorite Naughty Things of 2013

Sunny Megatrons favorite toys
Sunny Megatrons favorite toys

My vagina is tired from testing all these toys!
*Outer Focus Photos*

As a sex educator who routinely reviews sex toys, I have it pretty good.  Everywhere Ken and I turn we are bombarded with pleasure products.  If someone told me 5 years ago I’d have so many sex toys at my disposal that I wouldn’t have time to fuck them all– that I’d actually have to turn some down–  I’d tell them they didn’t know me very well!

Well, color me surprised. I can’t count the number of toys I fucked in 2013.

Despite the fact that if I played with a different product every time I got busy with myself, I wouldn’t see the same toy again for months, I still have my favorites.  There are a handful of products I was introduced to this year that I keep coming back to (and coming with!) over and over.  These are the coveted products that have earned a spot in my permanent rotation. They are within arms reach of my bed at all times. These are the chosen few.

Just like Oprah has a list of her favorite products of the year, I have mine too.  Only mine are a lot dirtier.  Here are my favorite naughty things of 2013 . . . .


Reflections Serenity

Glass g-spot dildo

Doc Johnson Reflections Serenity

You have heard me sing the praises of the Njoy Pure Wand (if you haven’t, check out this Njoy Pure Wand review video).  It’s one of the best g-spotting toys out there.  The Pure Wand is fabulous but a bit on the pricey side– usually around $100.  A wonderful alternative that’s near identical in functionality is the Reflections Serenity Wand by Doc Johnson.

At a fraction of the price (under $25!), this borosilicate glass dildo gets the job done. It’s double ended and can be used for g-spot or prostate play.  It also possesses the same heaviness that makes the Njoy Pure Wand so effective. Just like its stainless steel cousin, it can be warmed up or cooled down for temperature play.  Ergonomically I find the Serenity a bit easier to hold than the Njoy and the Serenity is a little less slippery (which is a good thing when there’s lube and squirt all over everything).

I just had the pleasure of video reviewing this with Lady Cheeky and we both thought it was a winner.  You can watch our Serenity video review here.


OhMyBod Club Vibe 2.OH

OhMiBod Music Vibrator

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Wearable Music Driven Wireless Vibrator

The OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH  is a clitoral vibrator you wear in the crotch of your underwear.  It’s controlled by wireless remote.  It even comes with a cute pair of cotton black undies that have a little pocket for the toy to slip into so it doesn’t slide around.

Yes, let the possibilities sink in . . . you’re out at dinner, your date holds the controls, they have you at their whim as they press buttons, silently challenging you not to make a spectacle of yourself as you struggle against the the erotic torture that brings your impending, very public orgasm . . .

Are you all hot and bothered yet?  That’s just the beginning.  The vibrations of the Club Vibe 2.OH can also be set to activate by external noise.  Imagine the same scenario but you’re out at a club.  Whether you’re alone, with a partner, or with a few, it doesn’t matter.  You’re a slave to the music. You. Feel. Every. Single. Beat.  Uh huh.

You just came a little in your pants, didn’t you?  Yeah, put this one on your Christmas list.  Going to a club or hopping New Years Eve Party?  You’ll have the best new years dance of your life, guaranteed.   And yep, odds are it will vibrate with every number the crowd shouts during the countdown to midnight.  Countdown to orgasm!  10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . HOT!

(The Outside the Box video review on the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0h will be live soon!)

Silicone Jack Rabbit Cock Ring

Jack Rabbit cock ring

Vibrating Silicone Jack Rabbit Cock Ring

This our favorite new couples toy.  Calling it a “cockring” really doesn’t describe it well.  The Silicone Jack Rabbit Ring is more of a wearable couples vibrator that gives equal pleasure to both parties.  It can also be used solo and in a bunch of alternate ways.  This makes it suitable for people with vaginas, penises, and/or couples with any fabulous combination of genitals.

The beauty of this thing is in the rabbit ears.  They not only both have motors but when Ken wears it his entire cock vibrates.  Fucking him with this thing on is like fucking my favorite triple motor rabbit vibrator! Weeeeeee!

The thing I love most about this penis ring is it remains in constant contact with my vulva and clit during every thrust.  No other vibrating cock ring has ever been able to accomplish that.  As an added bonus, it’s great to use alone as a vibrator for penises or vaginas. It also fits nicely around handheld and strap-on compatible dildos for added pleasure.

Oh! There’s one other thing my cheap, horny ass loves about this sex toy.  Despite the fact that it’s constructed well and made from premium silicone, it’s really inexpensive (about $35)!  If you want more details you can read about it here on Sunnymegatron.com and in this Kinkly holiday gift article.


Liberator Fascinator Throe

waterproof sex blanket

Liberator Fascinator Throe
*Good Vibrations*

Oh my goodness, do I LOVE this thing!  I’m not sure how I lived without this essential sexsessory!

The Liberator Fascinator Throe is a waterproof sex blanket that won’t let any moisture through.  Whether you’re tired of sleeping in the wet spot or your Serenity Wand makes you squirt like old faithful, your sheets will be safe and dry at the end of your adventure.  Just toss it in the wash when you’re done and it’s as good as new.

Because it’s so soft, luxurious, and nice looking, I occasionally use mine as a real throw blanket on chilly nights in my bedroom (when it’s clean).  You could do that too.  Drape it over the arm of the couch when your parents come over for dinner or over the back of the easy chair when you host the PTA potluck at your house.  No one will know!  That is, unless they have one also . . .

I love my throe so much I’m buying another one.  That way when one’s in the wash I have another one at the ready.  Yes, I’m a dirty, squirty gal.

Ken and I video reviewed the Fascinator Throe and a bunch of the Liberator pieces that you can see in action in this video review.  A couple of other Liberator products we really liked were the Liberator Ramp  and  the Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount Pillow


Wicked Sensual Care Sexual Lubricant

Speaking of sex accessories, good sex can turn into phenomenal sex with just a little lube.  This year I found the best lube out there.  Now, being the “best lube” in my book quite an accomplishment because I am a bit of a lube snob.  I only use lubes that contain pure ingredients and don’t include things like parabens, glycerine, and other things that aren’t very friendly to vaginas.  I prefer pure, premium brands like Sliquid and Uberlube.

Well, I *did* prefer those brands before Wicked Sensual Care entered the lube market.

Honestly I wasn’t expecting premium quality from the Wicked brand.  I mean, come on, they make movies, right?  What could they know about making personal lubricant?

wicked lube

The full Wicked product line: Ultra Silicone Based, Aqua Water Based, Toy cleaner, etc.

Wicked hired skincare industry veteran Carrie Smith to help develop the best line of intimate care products I have ever had the pleasure of slathering all over my genitals.  The entire line is vegan, cruelty free and PETA certified.  The Ultra lubes are silicone based and the Aqua are glycerine-free water based.  Wicked also offers a toy cleaner, an anal sex lube, and a delay creme for men.

Their silicone line is amazing. In addition to the basic, plain silicone lube, they also offer a cooling and warming versions which is not only unusual to find but they both feel GREAT! Wicked Ultra is also the only lube I use on my hair.  The hair on my head.  What? You didn’t hear about all the awesome alternate uses for silicone lube?

Wicked’s water-based Aqua line is paraben and glycerin free.  There’s also a hypo allergenic sensitive formula for those that need it (read about the formula here. SCIENCE! ).  They also have the best lube flavors I have ever, ever, ever, tasted:  Salted Caramel (favorite), Pomegranate, Vanilla Bean, Mocha Java and Candy Apple!  Plus they are sweetened with stevia which isn’t hostile to lady parts!  *Faints from excitement*  I would lap up this lube whether it was on neither regions or topping an ice cream sundae. It’s THAT good.

Earlier this year Ken and I interviewed Carrie and asked her all the behind-the-scenes important questions, take a listen:



Jimmyjane Hello Touch

Do you remember a time before sex toys?  Back when fingers alone could actually make you cum?  The Hello Touch takes me back to that happy place every time I use it.

On the surface, Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch is a very simple toy.  It consists of two finger pad vibrators powered by a battery operated pack worn on the wrist.  It also only has one speed.  That’s it.  Sounds boring, right?  Nope!

Jimmyjane Hello Touch Finger Vibrator

Jimmyjane Hello Touch Finger Vibrator

Human interaction is required to make this toy (and your naughty parts) sing.  THAT is where the fun comes in.

Even though the Hello Touch has only one speed and no pulses, your touch affects how strong the vibrations feel against your body.  Want it cranked up?  Use firmer pressure.  Turned down?  Lighten up the pressure a bit.  Want pulses?  Make your fingers tickle out their own special rhythm.  Your genitals won’t just sing, you’ll be playing them like a symphony.

Ken and I both use this toy alone and together and it rocks either way.  Using it alone, I feel more in touch with my own body than I do with other types of toys.  It’s very primal. Using the Hello Touch with a partner opens up the door to all kinds of exploring. It gives you the opportunity to connect on a level that’s a bit deeper than “quick honey, the kids are in bed, lets have an average Wednesday night quick fuck.”

I really, really like this as a couples toy. It’s great for vulvas, penises, balls, perineums, and other parts of the body too.  You can wear it like the picture to the left or wear one pad on the thumb and one on the pointer finger for some good g-spot play.  If you like things really intense, you can put one pad on top of the other on the same finger to super-charge the intensity of the vibration.  I really enjoy using it to massage all of Ken’s underneath parts while I’m giving him head.

The icing on the cake is it’s reasonably priced for a luxury vibrator, averaging around $65.   Keep your eye on the Outside the Box web page.  Our Jimmyjane Hello Touch video review will be going up soon!

Posh Silicone Wave Ice Massager

ice vibrator

Posh Silicone Wave Ice Massager

I love this one!  It’s different, fun, and ridiculously inexpensive (under $15) so it’s the perfect vagina stocking stuffer.

Have you ever tried to get a little kinky by bringing ice cubes into the bedroom?  It’s great for the first few minutes until it starts to melt.  Before you know it, the ice starts slipping out of your hands and dripping all over everything completely ruining all the sexy you tried so hard to make.   The Posh Silicone Ice Massager not only allows you to bring drip-proof and melt-proof ice into the bedroom, it also makes that ice VIBRATE.  Yes!  It has some really intense vibrations too.  To my liking, it’s silicone so it’s hypoallergenic and body safe.

This is a wonderful toy for couples looking for something fun, new, and different. Here’s my video review on the Posh Wave Ice Massager


Honorable Mentions

Picking my absolute favorites of 2013 was hard!  I kept waffling back and forth on what to include.  The following four didn’t make the list not because I didn’t love them (I did!) but because these were the ones that may not appeal to as wide of an audience.  I didn’t feel right, however, not at least giving them a nod– they are all rather awesome!

Silicone Butterfly Kiss:

Butterfly kiss siliconeThis is a wonderful, tried and true, body safe, dual stimulation, economy vibrator.  Retailing under $30 it pumps out LOTS of bang for your buck.  The clit tickler part of the Butterfly Kiss is particularly intense.  It also hits the g-spot nicely.  Perfect for the college student on a shoestring budget or those of us that the holidays will leave broke.

Tantus Silicone Paddles

tantus paddleIf you like painful impact play, these may be up your alley.  Made fully of silicone, they are easy to clean, making them the ideal to use if you have multiple partners (unlike leather).  Watch this Outside the Box Tantus Paddle Demo to learn about all four varieties and to see them in action (You’ll see me smack up adult actress Sarah Shevon while she’s completely naked.  No biggie. Typical Tuesday afternoon . . .  ;).  Also, Tantus released another paddle after that review was filmed.  The newest is called the Plunge and it has a dildo for a handle *squee!*

KinkLab T-Cups Nipple Suction Set

nipple suctionThese are great!  This nipple suction set isn’t for the feint of heart.  It’s pretty intense.  If the run of the mill nipple clamps just don’t do it for you any more you might be ready to graduate to something like this.  They can also be used on other parts of the body like the scrotum, clitoris, or vulva.  They are deliciously wicked and, unlike other suction nipple clamps, these stay put.

Scandal Ball Gag

Scandal ball gagYes!  A ball gag that doesn’t have complicated straps and snaps that get stuck in my hair and scratch my face!  The soft, fabric tie straps on the Scandal Ball gag feel like a dream come true– and they are pretty too!   This gag is  inexpensive a ball is made of soft premium silicone– so no funny taste or smell.  Check out the rest of the CalExotics Scandal line also– various cuffs, masks, flogger, paddle, spreader bar– the whole shebang.  I’ve used them and I really like them.  Coming from someone who is used to professional grade dungeon equipment, that’s saying a lot!


And now– decisions, decisions.  Which one should you get!?  Have a wonderful close to 2013 and the most awesome year yet in 2014, my friends!

Sunny, XO!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received these products free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  I will never misrepresent products, publish a false review or compromise my good name for free stuff.  If something sucks, I’ll tell you it sucks.  I only endorse products I truly believe in and have used myself.  I am disclosing this in accordance to the Federal Trade Commission’s Guidelines: CFR, Part 255
Also, this post does contain affiliate links.  If you wish to purchase any of these products and arrive at that purchase page via one of my links, it really helps me out.  The small percentage I earn from each item bought helps offset the cost of maintaining this blog.  Thanks! 
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