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We’re Teaching an Electrosex Class in LA!

I’m making my way to L.A.once again to help out partner, Ken Melvoin-Berg, teach ZAP! Electric Toy Play on Saturday, February 18th, 2012 at Stockroom University!

Ken and I are both electricity nuts! From violet wands, to neon wands, to TENS units  and more, we can’t get enough.  During this class we’ll take a look at and demonstrate a wide variety of toys that use direct or indirect electric stimulation on the human body.

Whether you are a curious beginner or an advanced player, this 3 hour class covers it all.  We’ll go over the basics like correct usage, safety and hygiene plus delve into a myriad of alternate uses for basic electro-sex products.  Curious about fire play, using an electro branding attachment for permanent brands, rigging with violet wand rope or turning everyday items into electrical tools of pleasure and torture?  We’ll give you a step-by-step demonstration of each.

Ken and I recently taught this class at The Tool Shed in Milwaukee and it was a blast.  We’ll also be announcing dates and venue for a Chicago class in the next few weeks.   We don’t get out to the west coast often, though, so take advantage.  Rarely is an electro-sex intensive like this offered!  During class we’ll also have time for a Q&A session and for participants to try out all of the products so they can get a taste of the very different sensations between low and high voltage e-stim toys (and I would bet my last dollar they don’t feel how you’d *think* they feel!).  We’ll even check out some fresh on the market products you may not have seen yet.

You can secure your spot via this —-> StockroomUniversity link  <—-

Stockroom’s teaching space is located next to their retail store at:

2809½ W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles,CA90026


Here are a few photos from our last class: Fire play, Violet Wand Rope, My Stim and more! 

Can’t wait to see you!!!





I just announced the following on my Sunny Megatron Facebook page:

You guys have been asking and we made it happen! Ken and I will be teaching electric play class in CHICAGO! YAY!

Class will be the evening of Wednesday, March 7th in the brand new upstairs space at Taboo Tabou! Check back here for all the other fine details, we’ll have all that within the week.

I’m also proud to announce Ken and I will be hosting an ongoing monthly workshop series at Taboo Tabou. In April we’ll host 2– Consent & Safewords (Our contribution to S.A.A.M) and a Chicago Bachelorette Party Planning seminar (we are the Weird Chicago Tours bachelorette party experts so we’ve got a ton of great ideas just in time for wedding season!). In May we’ll host Sex Toys 101: Junk for your Junk.

We have a whole list of great workshops for you– we’re SOOOOOO STOKED!

Tell me, while I have you all listening- what other sexy subjects would you like to see us cover?



Image: Suvro Datta / FreeDigitalPhotos.net