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Nick Hawk GIGOLO Lucky 7 Slender Bullet Review

Vibrating BulletDear Basic Silver Bullet, 
I met you years ago. How long has it been?  Five? Six years? In all that time you’ve never let me down.  Your vibrations are intense and when you are pressed up against me, you take to me the edge each and every time. 
I’ve always said that everyone who is like me needs to have you in their toy box.  You are a must have.  I can’t imagine living without you.  
People sometimes ask my owner which bullet they should get.  She usually never refers to you by brand name.  She talks about you in a generic sense.  I hear her say things like, “oh, any one of those inexpensive, hard plastic bullets will do the trick.  They are all pretty similar.”   
So, Basic Silver Bullet, you might be wondering why you haven’t seen much of me lately.  At one time I really did think you were everything I’d ever need but I’ve met someone else.  This new bullet that gives me all the pleasure you do and then some.  He’s more powerful and can do things with his pulses I didn’t dream possible.  
We’ve had a good run, Basic Bullet, but I’ve grown and changed.  I have a new love that has all your endearing qualities coupled with power and sophistication like I’ve never seen before.  
I’ll cherish the memories of all the good times we had together but it’s time I move on. 
Sunny Megatron’s Clitoris, XO 


nick hawk bulletMan, is my clit HAPPY!  I’ve been playing with the Nick Hawk GIGOLO Lucky 7 Slender Vibrating Bullet all month.  Yes, I did think all bullets were basically the same but wow!  Things really have changed.

First off, if you’re a bullet lover but haven’t tried a slender bullet— give it a shot.  I find the slender versions easier to hold.  Also, you don’t even have to hold them at all if you don’t want to.  Place it into the folds of your labia and up against your clit, close your legs and kick back.  Hands free orgasm is soon to follow.

This Nick Hawk Slender bullet is an updated version of what you’re probably used to— a hard plastic bullet connected by a long cord to a hand held, battery operated controller.  There really isn’t much different about the design (the cord is MUCH longer than what is pictured in the photo.  That’s something I really like about this toy– the generous length of the cord).

The draw of this toy is in the functionality.  POWERFUL!  I usually like all my toys cranked up to high (I have a jack-hammer clit of steel. Remember?).  Low or medium does this trick with this bullet.  It also has some graduated, escalating pulses that are a step above the run of the mill on/off style patterned pulse.  It has a total of 7 different pulses and speeds.  Yes, it’s still a basic bullet but it’s definitely a more updated, sophisticated version.   Best yet, it’s inexpensive.  The Nick Hawk Slender Bullet will only set you back about $25.  Not too shabby!

So, if you’re still using the same vibrating bullet you’ve had for the last 5 years, consider upgrading to this little guy.  It still has all the fabulous qualities you love of your trusty old friend with more power and versatility.

Those of you who haven’t tried a bullet before— if clit stim is your thing, order the Nick Hawk bullet STAT.  It’s happy maker :)

gigolo sex toy


Disclosure of Material Connection:  I am a paid California Exotic Novelties Expert Sexpert, however, I did receive this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  I will never misrepresent products, publish a false review or compromise my good name for free stuff.  If something sucks, I’ll tell you it sucks.  I only endorse products I truly believe in and have used myself.  I am disclosing this in accordance to the Federal Trade Commission’s Guidelines: CFR, Part 255

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