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Sunny stimulating Ken’s pretend PS spot during a G-spot class at Stockroom in Los Angeles. Stroking a plushy vulva puppet is usually as explicit as our live demos get!

In 99.9% of our sex classes we don’t do x-rated live demos. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, many of the sexual techniques we teach take repeated practice to master. I often say mastering the g-spot, for example, isn’t as simple as learning where to find a button. It requires time, patience, getting to know your partner, and often lots of failure– the process is more like learning to ride a bike. In a class setting we often don’t have someone available we’re intimately familiar enough with to quickly demo the proper techniques. In other classes, like our blow job class, we all practice our technique on dildos. Using a live demo for a class like that would challenging considering the model would need to remain erect for a solid hour (Also, in order of all of the students to get the full hand-ons experience we’d all have to blow the model which would be . . .  a reverse bukakke???)!

Another reason we rarely do live sexual demos is becasue of legalities. In many locations it’s illegal to give a “nude/graphic sex performance” (even though it’s not really a performance, that’s how the law sees it). It gets even more complicated in many instances if the students have paid for the class or if the model is paid for their time.

Lastly, some sort of demo that isn’t x-rated is usually a perfectly feasible tool for teaching people about sex and BDSM. We use dildos for blow job classes, demo vulva play on a Fleshlight toy (or my plushy vulva puppet) for g-spot and cunnilingus classes, refer to medical anatomy diagrams in all of our sexual technique classes, and can perform most BDSM activities we teach about on clothed bodies. Besides, sometimes explicit demos shift the mood of a class from a comfortable learning environment to more of a “titillating show,” and that’s usually not the mood we’re going for.

There is one exception to this rule, however (hence why I said 99.9% of the time we don’t do x-rated demos!). It’s when we teach at one of our favorite venues, The Stockroom in Los Angeles. Ken and I love Stockroom for many reasons, little of which has to do with the ability to live demo during BDSM and sex classes. We love Stockroom because it’s a great shop/website, they make and sell amazing products, and the people there are top-notch.

As for the classes at Stockroom, they are 3 hours long while most others are 1-2 hours. This allows us extra time to really dive down deep in whatever subject we’re teaching and also allows time for lengthy demos. The state of California is also quite unique when it comes to nudity and sex. Because adult movies are legally shot in California, the state has extra provisions for all sorts of sexual things including live demos during classes.

The G-spot Class Demo

G-spot live instruction

One of our very rare explicit live demo moments. Sunny Getting ready to use a stainless steel g-spot toy on Jewell Marceau during g-spot class.

For this particular class the demo was at the very end as an extra bonus. We understand not everyone is comfortable with viewing explicit live sex so we saved it for last. When class was almost over we took a break to allow anyone to leave who wasn’t interested in the x-rated demo.

After verbally learning about the anatomy, psychology, erectile tissue, orgasm, and squirting for 2.5 hours the remaining students got to cement everything they studied by watching the hands-on demo. Adult star Jewell Marceau was our model.

Jewell told us before the class that she did not find G-spot stimulation easy and has had a very hard time squirting or achieving non-clitoral orgasm. We assumed our demo would back up what we teach about learning how to manipulate the g-spot– that “it can be a long process like riding a bike. Don’t expect it to happen the first time, keep working on it over a long series of sessions.”

We started out with me using a Fuck Saw on Jewell (that had a GoPro video camera mounted to it!). It’s was fun for her but as we expected, no g-spot orgasm or ejaculation. We then switched to using a Quirk Stainless Steel Dildo (identical to the Njoy Pure Wand) with me working hands-on portion and Ken jumping in with verbal coaching to help Jewell relax and “get out of her head.” Our aim wasn’t to achieve g-spot orgasm or ejaculation (they can happen separately, btw. You should take our class!), we simply wanted to show how to use an Njoy Purewand, the toy so many people call “The Holy Grail of G-spot Orgasms.”

Much to our surprise– we had near immediate success with the g-spot wand! We captured the golden moment on a POV GoPro camera I wore.

Normally live sex class demos aren’t recorded. Also normally, not only do we rarely do demos, it’s rare for people to get to see what a live sex ed demo is like. Here’s your chance! While I don’t show nudity on my blog (I also don’t show myself nude), the link to Stockroom’s G-spot Demo Video contains footage of both the Fucksaw and the manual g-spot manipulation. Again, this video and the accompanying pictures are explicit and NSFW so proceed accordingly.

I’m curious what you think of live, explicit demos in sex classes? Do you think they can be helpful or are more of a distraction? Talk to me in the comments :)

p.s. if you came here looking for g-spot how-to videos, here is a very helpful g-spot instructional video


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