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All I Know About the G-Spot I Learned From My Fucksaw

It seems fitting my first sexy product review be on The Stockroom’s Fuck Saw.  Little did I know the awesome Christmas gift Ken bought me would become THE fucksaw heard around the world.

Back before my fucksaw was thrust into the spotlight (yes, this post will be full of groan-worthy fucksaw puns), it was my private little miracle worker.  Ken knew I had to have my very own fucksaw after I had seen and felt one in action.  I was amazed it could make me have a g-spot orgasm and squirt in less than a minute.


When Did I Find My G-Spot?

I have very stubborn nether regions.  It’s not unusual for me to go 45 minutes or an hour before I climax.  And this is while I’m masturbating by myself.  My vagina is, in fact, so stubborn that I rarely cum for other people.  And if I am lucky enough to have an orgasm it’s almost always from clitoral stimulation, not from my g-spot.

What is the g-spot?  The g-spot, or Gräfenberg Spot, is commonly described as a ridged, rough, walnut or peach pit textured lump 1-3 inches into the anterior wall of the vagina.  It feels different on different women but most consistently I describe it as a knot or mass of dense tissue.  It’s a hard lump that is more ridged and rigid on some women than others.  If manually stimulating a woman who is lying on her back in front of you, you would enter your first and middle fingers into the vagina and firmly press up and down on that spot with a quick, rhythmic motion.  Sometimes it’s described as making a “come hither” motion with your two fingers, however, I like to think of it more as “up and down” motion.  The object isn’t to stroke but to press with firm pressure.  A good rule of thumb is to press with a firmness that seems a bit more forceful than you think you should.  I’ve often found I don’t have enough strength in my hand to press as hard as it takes to get many women off via their g-spot.  I admire the women and men that do and am convinced they must keep to a strict regimen of upper body workouts.  It can be A LOT of work!  Since I have spaghetti arms, I tend to rely on toys to help me out.

I had my first g-spot orgasm about 3 or 4 years ago.  Sound strange for a woman nearly 40 who has had multiple long term partners, loves to masturbate and has a healthy, explorative view of sex?  Not really.  Many women tell me it also wasn’t until they were quite a bit into their adult life they found and learned how to manipulate their g-spots.

It takes quite some time and a lot of practice for women to master the inner-workings of their innermost parts.  I can’t tell you the number of women I encounter who thought they knew themselves, had fulfilling sex in their 20’s, only to hit their mid 30’s and be blown away with all of the new things their bodies started to do and feel.  I’m unsure whether these new discoveries are due to time and practice, due to something physically based that hits when women reach their “sexual peak” or for other reasons. I’m sure it’s different for all women.  All I know is, it happens.


The Great G-Spot Debate

A January 2010 British study concluded the g-spot didn’t really exist, it is instead a matter of the woman’s subjective opinion.  That’s nice way of saying, “you silly women are imagining it.” Critics sited flaws with this and other similar studies because the data collected relied solely on self reporting related to heterosexual penis-vagina intercourse.  G-spot stimulation is much more likely to occur with aid of toys or non-intercourse sexual activity such as manual manipulation.  Only 35% of the female population has ever experienced orgasm through intercourse– that includes clitoral and g-spot orgasm. I wonder if the other 65% were the women who took part in this survey? Sigh.  Unfortunately, this and many other similarly flawed surveys and studies made their way into human sexuality and medical textbooks.  Student doctors and therapists today are taught in universities that the g-spot and female ejaculation may not exist (see: Northwestern Fucksaw controversy).

It is suspected if survey samples included more sex-positive, extroverted women, the conclusion may have been very different.   Furthermore, perhaps the studies weren’t structured properly because the researchers themselves did not understand enough about the g-spot to appropriately go about examining the issue?

I speak to a lot of women on my Weird Chicago Sex Tours and during classes about their experiences with the g-spot and female ejaculation.  Time and time again I find women who either don’t know how to properly manipulate their g-spots or often, the ones who did find the spot were absolutely mortified.  They thought they had urinated when female ejaculation occurred.  Some had even been ridiculed by partners because they assumed the women lost control of their bladders during sex.  These women vowed to never let it happen again so when they experience the sensation of having to pee during sex (which is also the same feeling that occurs just before female ejaculation) they stop what they are doing or change position until the sensation subsides.  For many women, mistakenly trying to control what they believe is the feeling of urination actually causes the suppression of sexual climax.


What My Fucksaw Taught Me about Female Ejaculation

When I got my fucksaw this past Christmas, after witnessing what it did for me and for other women, I was determined to put it to the test.  I was curious if I could, with any regularity, induce female ejaculation in various, randomly chosen women.  What I discovered astounded me.

After using the fucksaw two dozen times on two dozen different women, it produced not only g-spot orgasms but female ejaculation every single time!  I couldn’t believe it.  I had actually given a good number of these women their first g-spot orgasms.  I also observed something unexpected about the ejaculate of the women (along with quite a few witnesses.  Hey, I roll that way.) which debunked what I had learned from numerous academic sources.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding female ejaculate; if it does exist, what is it?  Is it urine?  A good number of mainstream sources lean toward the urine theory.  Evidence suggests ejaculate is expelled from the Skene’s glands located just beside and below the urethral opening on the anterior wall of the vagina.  Ejaculate may contain trace amounts of urea (explaining the faint urine smell it sometimes has) but mainly consists of a lubricating liquid produced when the g-spot receives steady, strong, rhythmic pressure.

The liquid produced from each of the women I used the fucksaw on were of various shades and consistencies.  It ranged from thin and watery to a thick, solid white, milk-like texture and everywhere in between.

Although I know, in my rational mind, female ejaculate isn’t urine, I’d still sometimes become paranoid when having intercourse that I was wrong.  After sex I’d secretly sniff the towel that had been under me or closely examine the liquid when my partner wasn’t looking “just to make sure.”  Even as a sex educator who knew better, there was still that little, internal part of me who would certainly shrivel up and die if I had accidentally peed while getting it on.  The results produced with my fucksaw couldn’t be denied.  The female ejaculate produced from a wide variety of subjects was clearly not urine.  I have since stopped closely inspecting my fuck towels.


My Fucksaw: Making the World a Better Place One G-Spot Orgasm at a Time

I’m a pleasure advocate and very much enjoy helping women have better orgasms.  Not too long after I had received my fucksaw, a friend and her husband came to me with questions about female ejaculation.  She had gotten to the point of feeling like she was going to pee during g-spot stimulation but always asked her husband to stop each time because she was fearful she was about to urinate.  They had tried everything they could and even after getting a few pointers from me, still couldn’t make g-spot orgasm/female ejaculation happen.  This young lady had no problem achieving clitoral orgasm but had never before experienced any other type of orgasm.

Because we are all part of the kink community and in somewhat open relationships, it wasn’t out of the norm for me to get together with this couple to see if I could help.  I started out manually manipulating the woman and employing the assistance vibrators to give her a clitoral orgasm.  I find g-spot orgasm much easier to achieve after being warmed up clitorally.  When she was ready, I used a curved dildo with a large bulb on one end, similar to this one by NJOY, to stimulate her g-spot.  This type of shape is excellent for female ejaculation and one I usually recommend for beginning squirters.

Suddenly, she said she felt as if she was about to urinate.  I told her that’s the sensation she wanted and to relax her pelvic floor muscles and go with it.  She was *almost* there!  I had even lined the bed ahead of time with absorbent pads and plastic sheeting to allow her to become more comfortable with the feeling of letting go.  Manual stimulation of the g-spot with a dildo takes some time and as the pressure kept building, she became more and more certain she was about to urinate.  That’s when she asked me to stop.  The sensation of having to pee caused her to unknowingly suppress her g-spot orgasm.

I had one more tool to try, the fucksaw.  It was time to bring out the big guns.  I was sure the fucksaw would give her a g-spot orgasm but she had been apprehensive of it at first.  At first sight, it can be quite intimidating.  The fucksaw can thrust up to 2,500 strokes per minute and applies precisely the type of pressure needed for a g-spot orgasm.  This is nothing a human penis, hand held toy or average sex-shop vibrator can accomplish.  Immediately, she started making some incredible noises. And in about 45 seconds she had her first g-spot orgasm.  She even sprayed an arc of ejaculate into the air!  We cheered!  And yes, I’m not going to lie, we even high-fived each other.  *insert sound of splashy, wet latex surgical gloves clapping here*

The fucksaw brought her to g-spot orgasm so quickly she didn’t have a lot of time of focus on the pressure building up or think about how mortified she’d be if she urinated.  Before she could process what was occurring it just, HAPPENED.  Using the fucksaw, she was able to experience the feeling of the mounting pressure and impending ejaculation but not have enough time to think about how “funny” it felt just before hand.  She came before she knew what hit her.  Ninja orgasm at it’s finest.

Knowing exactly what that sensation felt like and seeing it through to completion, she and her husband were able to produce the same results at home manually and with the use of non-motorized hand held toys.  One of the most difficult things for women learning how to squirt is to keep the pelvic floor muscles relaxed and not clench up when they feel the pressure building.  Having experienced the sensation of female ejaculation once, she now knows what feeling to expect when she’s about to ejaculate and can assure herself she’s not going to urinate.  She’s been having fabulous g-spot orgasms at home without the assistance of a third person ever since!


So, Tell Me More About This Fabulous Fucksaw and Get to the Product Review Already!

My miracle working fucksaw is from JT’s Stockroom.  It’s not something I modified myself nor do I recommend to anyone trying to modify any power-tool for sexual use at home.  Stockroom sells the entire unit or you can purchase the necessary attachments separately if you already own a reciprocating saw or sawsall.  The saw attachment has been removed and the Saw Vac-U-Lock Adapter and dong affixed to it is not sharp in any way, shape or form.  Personally, I recommend buying the entire unit and using it only for the bedroom.  No one wants a sawdust and dirt covered sawsall near their delicate lady parts.

This isn’t like buying a Jack Rabbit from a sex shop, bringing it home and going to town.  This is a very powerful tool.  While the fucksasw can feel very, very good, if not used properly it can be uncomfortable.

It is essential to have clear communication with your partner when using the fucksaw, especially the first time.  The operator of the saw has to be sure they don’t go too deep. You should enter the vagina no more than 1-3 inches or so to achieve g-spot climax.  Although I have seen a few women take it comfortably deeper, it’s best to increase the depth of penetration very slowly, until you know how much is just right.  Remember, the g-spot is only 1-3 inches into the anterior wall of the vagina and that’s the ground you need to cover.  My partner went in too deep once and I was quite sore for a couple of days afterward.  I was sure I completely scrambled my baby factory (I didn’t, I’m fine!).

Although fucksaws have been embraced, widely used and made an overnight sensation by the BDSM community, this toy does not hurt.  It was not designed to give any pain. If it hurts that is an indication something is not being done properly.  Your partner may be penetrating too deep or holding the fucksaw at a disagreeable angle. You should immediately remove and readjust the fucksaw until it feels comfortable.

Being on the receiving end of a fucksaw should feel nothing but a whole lot of awesome.  And believe me, it feels AWESOME.  The first time I used a fucksaw I could barely comprehend the intense pleasure it gave me.  I forgot who I was, how to speak English and what dimension I was in.  I had never felt anything that wonderful and I’ve felt a lot. Even my expensive Swedish sex toys can’t compare to the fucksaw.  The fucksaw can do things no other toy or human body part can even come close to doing.  It’s THAT good.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to use a fucksaw by yourself.  It takes two to fucksaw.  The unit itself weighs close to 7 lbs and must be positioned precisely so it’s comfortable.  I admit, every once and a while I still try to sit back and think about how I can rig up the fucksaw to use it by myself.  If you read in the headlines I was found in my bedroom skewered by a power tool that was hastily rigged up to a chair, you’ll know what happened.  Unless you’re McGiver, you’ll need a partner.

The dildo end of the fucksaw is made of latex which and has the look, feel and bounce of a real penis.  Because latex is a delicate material that is impossible to fully disinfect, I recommend using a condom on it always, even if you never intend to share the toy with others.  Latex can be damaged by oil based lubricants so never let an oil based lube come into contact with the fucking end of your fucksaw.  It’s best to clean the dildo with warm, soapy water or a toy cleaner, other cleaners may harm the material. Lastly, in order to keep your dildo in the best condition you can, occasionally dust it with a little cornstarch.  If you are allergic to latex use a non latex condom with the toy.  The condom will fit all the way down past the base of the dildo so it will not come into contact with your skin.

This tool is powered via standard wall outlet and boasts 6 variable speeds.  The variable speed feature is one thing I really like about this fucksaw model over others I have used.  The speed is adjusted by a trigger so instead of having to click over to settings that thrust at a constant speed, you can squeeze the trigger in rhythmic patterns to give someone the ride of their life. I have also used other models of fucksaws that have issue keeping the rod and dildo in place causing it to sometimes fly off in the middle of use (ouch).  The rod on Stockroom.com’s Fuck Saw is secure and will not come loose.

Fucksaw is without a doubt the BEST tool I have seen to induce g-spot orgasm and female ejaculation.  It’s been BDSM’ers powerful little secret for years and I’m glad to see it hitting the mainstream.  Now everyone can see what they have been missing!

Have you used a fucksaw?  Please, tell us about it below!


*This post contains affiliate links, mama needs a Drilldo ;)


Jim Marcus Responds to Sun-Times re: Northwestern Fucksawgate
Northwestern Fucksaw: Has The New Sexual Revolution Just Begun?


12 replies
  1. Squirty Gurl
    Squirty Gurl says:

    I remember the first time I squirted about a year and a half ago, and I was mortified. It totally snuck up on me, and I scoured the internet to find any reliable information about female ejaculate or any medical references, all for naught (upon a recent Google search, current info is only a little better). My boyfriend at the time was nice about it, and we just put a towel beneath us in the future, but I was upset that I couldn’t find any good resources for information on this phenomena. As I became more open about my sexuality, and made more sex-positive friends, I was able to learn about this through anecdotes shared by friends, and felt like less of a freak as a result.

    I think it’s awesome that you did your own observational research with your fucksaw and multiple participants. While there may be some methodological issues with the “randomness” of you participant sample, it’s amazing that the results were so consistent. You may want future participants to provide information about their past orgasm history prior to experiencing the fucksaw for analysis. I doubt any IRB on the planet would approve such a study (if the the Northwestern hullabaloo is any indication), but I think it is still a worthwhile endeavor and could provide valuable insight in an area where currently available information is sorely lacking.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I’m hopeful that it can happen for me…but there is this frightening feeling that I may be the one that can’t…that I’m somehow broken.

    On the bright side I’m happy to know I’m not the only woman out there that takes a long time to achieve orgasm…Now if I can find a man willing to put in the effort.

    • Sunnymegatron
      Sunnymegatron says:

      Anonymous- although there are no absolutes, I’m betting you aren’t at all broken. I am a huge proponent of self exploration and masturbation. Get down and get funky with yourself, research some toys that you can use alone (IMO the best for clitoral orgasm is the Wahl 2 speed personal massager, which is what my next blog post will be on— look out for it next week . . . and a curved heavy toy with a bulb at the end or g-spot/squirting orgasm— similar to the Njoy Pure Wand). If you’re trying to squirt, lay down pads on the bed an commit to going all out even if that leads to you accidentally peeing (an honestly, the likelihood of you REALLY peeing is miniscule). The puppy pads you find in the pet section at the grocery store work nicely. They are really absorbent and are the same thing as incontinence pads you’d find in a hospital. They take the worry out of accidentally making a mess.

      And although there are some men out there willing to put in the time commitment, I always advise not to rely on someone else for your orgasm. Own your orgasm, get down there, take charge of it and show him how to do it. It takes me a LONG time to orgasm and it’s often time impossible when other people try– even if I DO show them how to do it. I find I’m happiest with a partner when doing it together. I hold the reigns and my partner helps—whether that is kissing, touching nipples, etc or them taking control of penetration while I use a toy on my clit. Sounds a bit labor intensive on the surface but quite the opposite—it’s HOT. And we BOTH get off. Win/win!

  3. Sunnymegatron
    Sunnymegatron says:

    @Squirty Gurl– I’m glad you found this info helpful. An you bring up a great point. I wonder if I should do a bit more “formalized” research? We all know I’m not a scientist and this would never pass for REAL scientific research but I could make this experiment a bit more “structured.” Hmmmm, my wheels are a’turnin’!

  4. Zelda Gillian
    Zelda Gillian says:

    This is a fantastic article, Sunny! Like the other commenters, I remember doing research on this myself a while back and was astounded at how little information there is online about female ejaculation and stimulating the g-spot. I am also still amazed at the resilience of female ejaculate (much like male ejaculate) and am curious as to its evolutionary purpose, if any. I, for one, would love to assist you in developing some more formalized/structured research on the subject.

  5. Cassie
    Cassie says:

    Thank you for providing GOOD INFORMATION about the g-spot, female orgasm, and female ejaculation.

    I would LOVE to try the Fuck Saw. I practically salivate thinking about it. lol

    I just wanted to add that for those who can’t afford the Fuck Saw but want to enjoy g-spot orgasms may want to try the Aneros EVI Kegal Exerciser. I bought it to help with Kegal exercises but after wearing it (oh, a perfect fit) for a few minutes I was wet. I simply grab the arm on the toy and rub the bulb against my g-spot. It makes me squirt everywhere, provides an amazing orgasm (sometimes multiple), and can be used with a vibrator as well. I have even worn the toy out to run errands and boy did it encourage me to finish my errands in record time so I could get home and have a fantastic time at home.

    I’m not saying the fuck saw is comparable to the EVI but just wanted to add that the EVI is amazing and does not cost a lot of money. It is a unique design and is easy to clean. The box it comes in is nice and protects the toy well. The added bonus is that I no longer have to do boring Kegal exercises since this toy does the work for me automatically.


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