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G-spot Stimulation Instructional Video


This is a wonderful g-spot stimulation instructional video I have been referring people to for years. You can find clips of the video on various sites but this link has the full 30 plus minute instructional video. Warning, although this is an instructional video, the clip is housed on a porn site and is graphic in nature! It is certainly NOT suitable for work!

The technique in this video is a wonderful starting point. It’s also a great supplement to accompany what you may have already read about the 2 fingered “come hither” technique (or what I prefer to call the “GET THE F-OVER HERE!” technique!).

Take a peek, and by all means, not at work or with minor in the room as this is very graphic!

Also, give a read through this great article on the internal clitoris from The Museum of Sex.  Between what you learn in the video and what you read there, you have quite a bit of homework to get hopping on!


Happy orgasms!
– Sunny Megatron


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  1. Foxy200
    Foxy200 says:

    i want to take a g-spot vibrator from edenfantasys,did you thinks is a good idea? i’m a beginner and i don’t understant a lot in this things. Or maybe i should take a rabbit vibrator? what is better?

  2. Mindy
    Mindy says:

    Do you know who the man is performing this? He mentioned he had an audio clip on how to release anxiety and would love to hear it .


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