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UPDATE JUNE 2015:  Season 1 was a great success!  You can binge-watch the entire first season of SEX with Sunny Megatron on the Showtime Anytime app or on Demand in most US and Eastern Canadian locations. The show is also available (or will be very soon) in Brazil, Poland, Italy, and Australia :) 

If you haven’t heard the buzz, my husband, Ken and I have been busy all summer filming a TV show. Yep!  I’m going to be on the tee-vee! Ken is the consulting producer and I am the host and co-executive producer of a new show about sex on Showtime called SEX with Sunny Megatron.

Oh, and also, if you hadn’t heard too, I said HUSBAND. This August, in the thick of filming and sort of losing our minds (but in a good way), Ken and I got MARRIED! It was a costumed #NoPantsWedding with a pub crawl reception and was a BLAST! See?!

Ken and Sunny Wedding

It’s been a whirlwind summer and we’re really proud of our brand new show-baby. This is a project we’ve been developing along with co-executive producer, Paul Fishbein/Plausible Flims, for the last year and a half or so. With the help of The Jay & Tony Show (not a show at all but a production company– confusing, right?), Tricon Films and the continued and unwavering support of Showtime through every step of the way, we made this little idea of ours a reality. We’re all super stoked to bring you this groundbreaking sex ed TV show that teaches by allowing you to dive into the heads and bedrooms of seemingly average people just like you. Here is the official show description:

Get ready for a fresh take on a very old subject. Sex blogger, pleasure advocate and cyber celebrity Sunny Megatron takes us on a journey into the surprising, underground world of adult play. Through honest conversation and compelling personal stories, everyday people expose their deepest, most intimate fantasies, and nothing is taboo. Frank, funny and always sex-positive, Sunny Megatron just might be the perfect cure for your bedroom blues.

sex with sunny megatron showtimeThis 8 week long docu-series premieres on 10/30/2014 at 11pm PST/EST and 10pm CST on Showtime just after Homeland.  Remember to set your DVRs and/or subscribe to Showtime for 2 months so you don’t miss an episode.  The show will also air on TMN in Canada starting January 2015.

I also want to thank you for all of your support and encouragement over the years.  This show would not be on air if it weren’t for each and every one of you!

Here’s to starting meaningful conversations about sexuality with the people of North America and bringing sex positivity to the masses!
~ XO, Sunny Megatron


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Sex With Sunny Megatron Pro shot

5 replies
  1. Hillary "Maliceon" Marek
    Hillary "Maliceon" Marek says:

    So excited for you both!!! I do not have cable because lets face it in this line of work when do you ever have time to watch TV lol but I THINK there is an app I saw on my kindle for Showtime on demand. I do not know if I already need to be a subscriber or if its just like Hulu or Uverse? Is there going to be any alt. option to watching the show? Like clips on your youtube or dvd sales?? Keep me posted you know I will show support in anyway I can. Maybe with a sexpert taking to the masses something might sink in and I won’t have to keep explaining to people that I am a blogger not a hooker, No I did not make “Sexpert” up and yes mom it is a real job.
    love n hostages
    Hillary aka Maliceon

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    Hello, I just wanted to contact you guys to say that is refreshing to have a show about bdsm and fetishes that educate instead of make fun of or ridicule. Thank you for airing such an informational show about sex. I hope you do a Season 2 and hope you make an episode about foot fetishes (by far most popular fetish in the world) and trampling which is also a very popular fetish and sub-fetish of the foot fetish. Wish you guys Happy Holidays!

  3. Zanna
    Zanna says:

    Congratulations on the show and the nuptials!!! Best wishes for you both!! I’m a fan of your toy reviews and look forward to when you are able to add more reviews. I find them to not only be full of ver useful information, but your descriptions have helped me to decide on purchases. I’m a middle aged professional woman who makes good money, but.not only am I picky about my toys but am about how much I’m willing to spend as well. That being said, I recently purchased a L’Amourose Denia and am anxiously awaiting its arrival! I hope you can squeeze in a review about it soon!! I would love to hear your a sexpert opinion of this seemingly fabulous toy
    Thank you for your great show, reviews and advice, and again, I wish you the very best with all of the good things that are coming your way!!!

  4. DaniRose
    DaniRose says:

    I’ve only just discovered your sex toy reviews. They’re the best, most helpful ones I’ve watched thus far! Thank you! I particularly love videos where you compare similar toys and would love love love more videos like that. I get so confused of what toys to buy because they seem so similar and I know the differences will be in the finer details that I won’t know until I own the toy and use it, at which point it is too late because once you own it you’re typically stuck with it whether you like it or not. That’s why I love how detailed you are about the specifics and logistics of the toys, such as your Lily vs. Siri video. I get so scared about buying the wrong toy and getting stuck with something I don’t like. Suggestion for a future comparison video: the Lelo Ora vs. Elegance Dazzling Rotating Stimulator. They seem very similar and have a price difference and would love to know which one is better.


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