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Well, we weren’t ON Sandra but we were guests on her podcast!  This episode was all about clown fetish.  Oh, you didn’t know about the clown thing Ken & I have?  Here’s a clown sex primer I wrote, Diary of a Sex Clown: Life Lessons from a Clown Fetishist. After you’re done reading that, check out the Sex Nerd Sandra Clown Sex Podcast!

We also discussed:  Mime Safewords, The Appeal of Elephant Poo, Coulrophobia, Circus Kinks, Trapeze Artists, Pony Play, Balloon Bondage, General BDSM, Nazi vs. Clown, Rubber Chicken Floggers, Pre-Clown: A Love Story, Necomimi ears, Silly Sex, Age Play/Littles, Healing Fear, Stan Lee, Twisted Hotness, Furries, Arousal and Laughter, Fetlife, Open Relationship Boundaries, the Importance of Play, G-Spot Squirting Stories and a whole lot more!

WARNING!  Clowns ahead!

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  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    I just listened to this at lunchtime today, and it was awesome! You were both so happy and positive–the joy you feel really came across well. I think Sandra was halfway to becoming a clown by the end. :)


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