SEX with Sunny Megatron TV Series Trailer

Sex w Sunny Megatron trailer logo

I know you’ve all been itching to get a sneak peek of the new show.  A trailer is now available right on Showtime’s website and on youtube.  It’s also been playing in between shows on Showtime as of late.  Here it is!

The series premiere is Thursday, 10/30 at 10pm Central and 11pm Pacific/Eastern.  Dates and times for airing on TMN Canada will be announced soon. If you missed the low down on how the show came to be and what it’s all about, I discuss all the down and dirty details here: SEX with Sunny Megatron TV Show on Showtime

We’re all really excited about the show and hope you are too! Please make sure to tell friends and leave comments about the trailer on Showtime’s youtube page. The more the network knows people are watching and enjoy the show, the more likely we’ll have a season two. But most importantly, talk about it so you can start more meaningful conversations about sex ;)


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