On Ep 111 we speak with ageplay expert, Paul Ruloff. Paul breaks down the different types of ageplay and the misconceptions about them. We explore the psychological motivation behind being a little– which is surprisingly less about emulating a juvenile and more about creating a reality free from adult pressures and responsibilities. He highlights the differences between non-sexual and sexual ageplayers plus addresses the judgment they face in the BDSM community. Learn about the phenomenon of the ‘shrinking childhood’ and how it contributes to the surging popularity of age roleplay, why the role of a ‘big’ (like a Mommy Domme or Daddy) is appealing, what ‘forced age regression’ entails, how to play publicly without involving others in your kink non-consensually, why age play can be therapeutic, and more.  

Paul Rulof Bio

Paul Rulof (aka RuleOfThree) has been part of the alternative sexuality community for over 10 years, largely focused on promoting and educating about ageplay.  He was a co-founder of the Chicago Age Players (CAP) and the founder of CAPCon: The Midwest Ageplay Convention. He has also written the non-fiction book, “Ageplay: From Diapers to Diplomas.”  Currently he calls Saint Louis, MO home and organizes an ageplay munch. He is also a Board Member of STL3, an alternative sexuality member organization which produces the Spanksgiving and Beat Me in Saint Louis conventions. 

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