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Jimmyjane Form 2 Group Review

Jimmy Jane Form 2 Round Table review

Jimmy Jane Form 2 Round Table reviewI love love love love love my Jimmyjane Form 2!  I recorded my original solo Form 2 video review more than 3 years ago and it’s still one off the vibrators I use the most. Nearly every trip I take it’s in my luggage!

In fact, I dig the Form 2 so much I decided as a follow-up to have one sent to 3 different women to try out for the first time. We all got together and discussed the benefits and drawbacks of this unique little clit vibrator in my second Form 2 video below. This was on season 1 of my Outside the Box web-series.

I like round table style reviews because every body is different. Not everyone experiences things the same or uses toys in the same way. Listen to what the four of us had to say about the Form 2:



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