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Sex with Sunny Megatron #Recharge Discussion Video

6 ways to recharge your sex life

Each week following the airing of a new Sex with Sunny Megatron episode I post follow-up videos on my youtube page. The discussion video for episode 1 is up and embedded below (well, videos— it’s a 2 parter!).  The theme of episode 1 is #Recharge and in the video I talk a little about the episode and suggest additional ways you can recharge your sex life.





Episode #2 was centered around #Orgasm and that discussion video will be up on a couple of days.

Looking ahead, the remaining episodes are:

I’m really enjoying all of the positive feedback the series has gotten so far!  Thanks, everyone!


P.S. if you live in Chicago but don’t have cable, LiveWire on N. Milwaukee plays each new episode every week at 10pm.

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  1. Justin
    Justin says:

    My wife and I absolutely love your show!

    We wanted to know where we can find more info on the online orgies you showed in Episode 5. Searching around the Internet hasn’t resulted in anything that looked like the service used by the couples in that episode.


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