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The Womanizer Might Be Powered by Magic

womanizer sex toy reviewBelow is a video review for the Womanizer I did with Elle Chase. She’s otherwise known as “Lady Cheeky” and has a website voted the #1 porn site for women by Cosmo and HuffPo. A few years ago we did a video review of glass dildos together and it was a ton of fun and really helpful for viewers. We decided to team up again with the Womanizer. I’ll tell you a little about my experience here but I highly encourage you to watch the video review at the end of this post.

It’s ugly & has a ridiculous name, are you kidding me?!

I’ll tackle the two glaringly obvious things about the Womanizer first– the name and its looks.

I was horrified the first time I heard the name of this toy. I thought it was a gimmicky name that some bro-dude type in marketing thought up. You know when they think it’s funny or catchy but totally miss the mark and end up insulting their core market? Well, it turns out this is the #1 selling sex toy in Europe for a few reasons. One, because it does some REALLY interesting and magical things to clitorses (we’ll get to that more later) and secondly, that’s where it originated– Germany to be exact. Apparently the name Womanizer is the result of unfortunate translation.

The German equivalent has a positive connotation– more like a favorable spin on Casanova, charmer, or favorite-of-the-ladies. Okay, seeing what they were going for makes the name a lot more understandable. Also, the translation awkwardness doesn’t stop there. The box even proclaims “100% Lust and Good Feeling, World First!” which makes absolutely no sense but is kind of cute. Name forgiven.

womanizer vibratorNow on to the looks. The Womanizer looks like a Jersey Shore inspired ear thermometer. There are a few different designs but most involve animal print, gaudy flowers, the most sickening shade of pink visible to the human eye, and/or Ed Hardy-esque tattoo prints. To top it off, they all have a huge, tacky rhinestone button dead center. It’s as if 1986 re-bedazzled its already bedazzled, acid-washed, hypercolor self. But I suppose at the end of the day, your clitoris doesn’t have eyeballs and doesn’t care what the damn thing looks like. Fine. It’s ugly but I can deal.

Alright, so how is it?

Both of those weird things set aside, my Womanizer experience gets even weirder. It turns out I absolutely LOVE it despite our very rocky start and my inability to figure out how it works, why it works, and what type of person to recommend this toy to.

It doesn’t vibrate and it doesn’t technically use suction either. According to the manufacturer it uses “pulsating pressure waves” made by “patented PleasureAir pulsation technology.I hate it when people say “I can’t describe it, you just have to try it yourself to see what I mean” but I can’t describe it, you just have to try it yourself to see what I mean. Seriously, it’s that weird. Good weird and it’s completely different than anything I’ve ever felt (except maybe that one person who ate me out once and did this incredible fluttery feeling thing to my clit with their mouth. But they couldn’t keep it up nearly as long as this toy can). This video from the manufacturer gives you an idea how it sucks/air pulsates/performs clit magic/whatever the hell it does.

Furthermore, I can usually use a sex toy and, whether it suits my preferences or not, recommend what type of person may like it. You may have heard me say in other reviews “this vibrator is great for those who like pinpoint stimulation” or “this would be best suited for those who prefer stimulation over a wider surface area.” The Womanizer is sooooooo different that I’m not sure who will or won’t like it. I poured over other reviews and many have the same issue. There’s no rhyme or reason to who likes this toy. Although some sites recommend it for people who like pinpoint clit stimulation, there are plenty of folks who normally can’t stand that sort of sensation who love the Womanizer. It’s a bit of a mystery (probably becasue the Womanizer works by magic we don’t yet fully understand).    

womanizer sex toy floral printOne thing that’s quite clear is the overwhelming majority of people LOVE it. So far, I haven’t heard of anyone who didn’t rave about it. Well, exception– there is one reviewer I know of that recently tried the Womanizer and is kind of “ehhhh” about it at the moment. But if she’s like me, she may still be getting through the learning curve. As I talk about in the review, it took me weeks to figure out how to properly use the Womanizer. For some people it has quite a learning curve (even though most seem to take to it immediately) so for those having trouble I recommend using it in different ways until you figure out what works for you. And be patient. It took me damn near a MONTH (not even kidding) of it feeling like a dud until I got my brain thinking outside the box and stopped trying to use this like other sex toys. That’s precisely when the magic happened. I talk about my difficulties more in the video but long story short– I’m really glad I stuck it out because after me thinking it was weird and not powerful enough at first, it’s now one of my favorite toys and I can rarely use it up on its highest setting becasue it’s THAT strong!

Personally love that the Womanizer works best for me wedged between my closed legs sitting or laying down so I can use it hands free (yes, that’s what took me a month to figure out!). As I get older my hands cramp more and more (arthritis) when I’m operating sex toys. This is likely due to the precision I need plus the closer I get to climax the harder I tend to grip, stressing my hands. It’s nice not to have to worry about that with the Womanizer.

Lastly, I’ve been really curious how well this works for trans men who are on testosterone. Since that doesn’t apply to me or any of my partners I took to the internet and I found some favorable things about FtM use. This Womanizer video review by a trans man is particularly helpful. Going by that and other things I’ve read, it appears the Womanizer tends to work very well for trans cocks. I’d love to hear from other trans men who use this toy as well– please leave a comment or send me a note! One thing though, the Womanizer folks missed the mark with their very femme designs and pink carrying case. Hopefully future upgrades will include a model with gender neutral and/or a more masculine aesthetic. The reviewer in the video above had some great ideas about how to personalize the case and toy itself.

womanizer sex toy tattoo printWhere can I get one and can I get a discount?

If you’re ready to take the Womanizer plunge you can get 10% off your entire order (on this or anything at Lovehoney) by using this link and navigating to the Womanizer page by typing it in the search bar. The discount will show up at checkout. Lovehoney also allows for 365 day returns. The Womanizer company offers a 30 day money back orgasm guarantee but I’m having a hell of a time finding where to submit for that. Have no fear, however, because Shevibe makes it easy! If you purchase through them they will take care of the 30 day money back pleasure guarantee for you. Use this link to purchase from Shevibe.

Oh, keep your eyes out because I’m giving a Womanizer away before Valentine’s Day courtesy of Lovehoney! In the next week or so I’ll start posting about it on social media. Watch Twitter, Facebook, or sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss it.

Enjoy the video review!




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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I’m definitely intrigued but I’m kind of concerned that this might not work on my clit because I have a hooded clit. Vibrators (including hitachi) can sometimes be a bit too much for me so I’m intrigued.

  2. Shimmer
    Shimmer says:

    Great to know you found this an hands-free/accessible toy once you got used to it.

    I’m glad that later models improved on the design. Hoping to one day call one my own!

  3. Softrainbow
    Softrainbow says:

    This toy is definitely unique! It was given to me as a very generous gift! I am personally not a fan of most suction toys as they tend to get a bit to “sucky” or they don’t stimulate enough. . . this toy is something different entirely! It is more of a thumping sucking combo sensation.

  4. NB
    NB says:

    Please if anyone knows of any toys similar to this one that uses suction instead of air blowing/pressure and is affirming for pre-T trans-masc individuals PLEASE comment.


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