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50 Shades Movie Recommendation: Secretary  


If you’re a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey but haven’t seen Secretary, SEE SECRETARY! It’s a much more realistic representation of BDSM, it’s suuuuper hot, and the chemistry between the James Spader and Maggie Gyllenaal is amazing!

The Secretary Trailer has just been recut to play up the kink and similarities to 50 Shades. And coincidentally, what’s James Spader’s name in the movie? Mr. Grey!


Hot, right?

I haven’t seen any scenes from 50 Shades aside from the trailer but I’ve read the trilogy and lead many a book club on the subject. I am glad 50 Shades has sparked the conversation about alternative sexuality and validated those that have kinky leanings. That’s a good thing (I talked about that aspect in this 50 Shades video). I do however, agree that the story is a horrible representation of a BDSM relationship and models abusive patterns in the non-sexual parts of the story. For more on that, read Fifty Abusive Moments in Fifty Shades of Grey.

I’m planning on seeing the 50 Shades of Grey movie when it’s released and, no worries, I’ll certainly let you know what I think. I’m actually not too hopeful based on my reaction to the book and some of the things I’ve heard in the media about the film and its stars. One of the more infuriating tidbits was Jamie Dornan’s reaction after visiting a Dungeon to research his role as Christian Grey:

“It was an interesting evening. Then going back to my wife and newborn baby afterwards … I had a long shower before touching either one of them.”

Seriously? Fuck you, Jamie Dornan.

Yep, I totally said that out loud.

Anyway, the tolerability, accuracy, and sexiness on the Fifty Shades movie remains to be seen and, frankly, not many folks are too hopeful– including me. Secretary, however, is a sure bet. It’s the first movie I saw that validated my kinky curiosities and has received high praises over the years.

P.S.  If you’re looking for something 50 Shades-esque to read that’s more accurate (and frankly has more sex because I was really disappointed with the lack of sex and kinky scenes  in E.L. James book).  Try Master of O by Ernest Greene

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  1. Ernest Greene
    Ernest Greene says:

    Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for the shout-out. Glad you like the book and appreciated the copious quantities of sex in it. Made it more fun to write as well as read.

    One little problem:

    The title of my book is “Master of O” because it’s told from the dominant perspective. It’s published by Daedalus Publishing.

    You can get it as either an ebook or paperback at masterofo.com.

    And I share your affection for Secretary. It has some “problematic” elements in it too, but I can forgive a lot if the movie itself is actually good.

    As always, you rock.


    • Sunny Megatron
      Sunny Megatron says:

      Eeks! My brain accessed old info and my fingers typed the name of the the other O book on auto-pilot! So sorry about that– all fixed now :)

      Although it’s been about 5 years since I’ve seen Secretary, and I remember the fine details of movies horribly, I do also remember having a few “wait a minute” moments in Secretary. But like you said, the rest of the movie was so awesome it was easily forgiven. Also, Secretary had a more quirky, tongue-in-cheek feel to it which also made it easy for me to brush off some of the elements of the plot/their relationship that didn’t seem to fit.

      The plan is to have a movie night soon and rewatch it so I can refresh my brain :)

      Thanks for the kind words and keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Hi Sunny,

    My man and I just recently found your show and we LOVE it and you!

    I was just telling a couple of girls about Secretary recently as they were gushing about 50 Shades. I relate to Secretary more than I do to 50 Shades.

    I too found the lack of real sex in those books disappointing and also found myself frustrated with both characters by the third book.

    I will be checking out Ernest Greene’s book now, thanks for the info!

    Be well…


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