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Verspanken Review: Is It The Best Male Masturbator?

Ken melvoin berg sex toy review verspanken
Ken melvoin berg sex toy review verspanken

So Mike, do Muppet lips turn you on?

My husband and co-teacher, Ken Melvoin-Berg, arranged for himself and three other men to use the Verspanken penile masturbator by Big Tease Toys (separately in the privacy of their own homes).

In this video they all sit down and talk about their experiences. For one of the participants, it was his very first time using a sex toy for men.

verspanken review

Smooth, Wavy, and Bumpy Water Weiners

They had a lot to say about the funny appearance and textures of the Water Wieners (yes, that is a very technical Verspanken term). Water Wieners come in your choice of Smooth, Wavy, or Bumpy.  They can be heated or cooled and mix and matched. The men said the Water Wieners resembled everything from Janice from the Muppet’s lips to bumpy pickles and everything in between.

But did it get the job done and get it done well? Watch the video below to see what they thought about it!

What do you think? Would you use the Verspanken?



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  1. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    We have a Tenga Twist and the new Satisfyer Men…I honestly don’t notice a difference between the two. This looks like it might at least offer a visual component when used with couples.


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