Sex, Love and Food are Closely Tied

According to an article published this afternoon on Psychology Today, there is a very close relationship between love, sex and food. A few things crossed my mind while reading this article:

A. Ah-ha! This is why my partner and I have gained so much weight in the past year! Not because we have absolutely no self control. It’s because we’re so sickeningly, ridiculously happy!

B. I can totally understand how vegetables can be sexy. I have come close to making an awkward but enjoyable mess at the table while noshing down on Three Aces Brussels sprouts. They also do have “certain male attributes,” as the article suggests. Think: little leafy testicles that roll around your mouth in a slippery sauce of buttery goodness. It’s really not that much of a stretch, is it?

C. This is the perfect time to introduce to a kink that has gained quite a bit of popularity as of late– SPLOSHING! Get out a tarp and check out how one man sploshed for science.

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