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E.V.A. (Extreme Vibrating Action) Massager Review

Sunny Megatron EVA sex toy reviewThis month California Exotics sent me the E.V.A. (Extreme Vibrating Action) Massager to review.  When I first looked at it I wasn’t expecting much.  The shape was strange.  The length and bulbous head suggest it’s a G-spot toy, however, I was skeptical because it seemed to lack the firmness needed to effectively stimulate the G-spot.  I also automatically question anything that claims “extreme vibration.”  I have a clit of steel.  I need something just short of a jackhammer to get me off.

I first tried using it as a G-spot toy.  Thrusting with it hit the G-spot nicely, however, it was more of a tease.  Just as I suspected, its flexibility didn’t give me the steady pressure I needed to bring me to orgasm.

Playing around a bit I discovered when inserted deeply it stimulates the A-spot like no other toy I have.   The A-spot is deeper in the vagina behind the cervix.  You can read more about the A-spot in this article:  http://www.heretical.com/miscella/g-spots.html

The E.V.A. does have pretty powerful vibrations for a lower end toy.  Yes, I have felt stronger but I was impressed with what this little wand could do.  I rate the vibrations at slightly stronger than the average for similarly priced sex toys.   Those vibrations felt fabulous deep inside against my A-spot when coupled with another clit toy.  It’s also perfect as a little added something during cunnilingus.  Now, keep in mind when I say “a little added something,” that is precisely what I mean.  I’m not talking earth shattering orgasms and hearing the angles sing or anything.  This falls more along the lines of “ohhh, that’s a feeling that’s a little different and interesting” – and that’s about it.

The vibration of this toy overall is a bit different that what I normally experience.  It’s a bit more “buzzy” than most vibrating sex toys I own.  When I use the head for clit stimulation and rub it up and down over the vulva, it feels a lot like when someone is making flat tongue licking motions.  Being I don’t find that sensation in many toys, it was a nice change.  It seems so many toys do virtually the same thing so it was refreshing to find something that gave me a little variety. I found this sensation particularly awesome while masturbating with a good dose of lube and watching lesbian porn.  I was able to mimic the actions I was seeing performed on the screen which did wonders for the fantasy playing along in my head!

EVA Vibrator ReviewOverall, for me, the EVA isn’t a go-to toy.  It’s a “little something different for every once and a while” toy.  The EVA won’t bring me to orgasm quickly but it adds a little variety to the journey.  It’s great for long, drawn out play when I’m looking for something a little different.  I most enjoy using this toy while watching adult films.  Viewing porn usually makes me climax pretty quickly– too quickly most of the time.  The pace of the EVA is slower but still feels great so I’m able to enjoy taking my time achieving orgasm.

I can see for some women who orgasm from light clitoral vibrations, the EVA would be a satisfactory clit toy.  For the G-spot it’s more of a miss.  It has a lot of potential with it’s great shape but just doesn’t hit the G-spot firmly enough to induce orgasm.  It’s a great A-spot toy, however, most of us don’t know what to do with our A-spots!  For those of us who do, many say playing with the A-spot feels pleasant but it’s not the end all be all of sexual stimulation.  Finding a toy that hits my A-spot well is certainly nice but it’s not earth shattering or life changing by any means.

As we all know, I’m a cheap-ass.  The EVA retails for around $50.  For that price it’s an alright-ish deal.  If it were somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 I’d be more likely to tell you to jump all over it. Even if you find it’s not for you—taking a gamble for $30 isn’t the end of the world.  Getting into the $50 range, however, most people want to know if what they are buying will do the trick.  I can’t comfortably estimate how many of you will be satisfied by the EVA— some will like this toy and some will be left wanting more.  My final word is:

  • If you find the EVA on sale under $30, grab it, you just might find the variety it gives you to be a nice change or welcome addition to your love making (partnered or alone!).
  • At full retail price it’s more of a gamble.  If you’re looking for something that will knock your socks off (especially in the G-spot department) there’s a good chance this isn’t the toy for you.

Here’s a recap of the benefits and drawbacks of the EVA

CalExotics EVA Massager pros:

  • Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Slim & ideal for women who need smaller insertables
  • Hits the A-spot nicely
  • Has slightly stronger than average vibrations for a lower end sex toy
  • Mimics a “licking” sensation when used as a clit/vulva toy. A much different feeling than many other clit toys on the market

CalExotics EVA Massager cons:

  • Batteryoperated (rechargeable sex toys have spoiled me!)
  • Too soft/flexible to be an effective g-spot toy
  • “Buzzy” vibrations are disliked by some (but liked by other so this could be a “pro”!)
  • When used as a clit vibe it’s difficult to get precision because of the wide head (again this could be a “pro” if you don’t like “pin-pointy” clit stimulation)

If you have used the EVA, please let me know in the comments what you thought of it!  Until next time . . . Happy orgasms!

~ Sunny Megatron, XO



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~Sunny Megatron