Sunny Megatron Sex Toy Review
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I first glimpsed the Lovelife collection at an adult novelty trade show this past summer. I screamed and squealed at the collection of beautiful sex toys before me. I couldn’t believe my eyes! They were so different! Their shapes were like nothing I have ever seen! They were so sleek and crisp looking! But . . . they didn’t pulse to music *record scratch noise* Wait. What!?

OhMiBod has been around a while and is usually thought of as the “music vibrator” company. They make the vibrators that plug into your iPod and pulse to music. I’m a huge fan of the Club Vibe 2.OH.  It’s a flat vibrator that lays in the crotch of your underwear and pulses to the beat of external music. It’s perfect to take out dancing, hence, the name Club Vibe. I raved about it in My Favorite Things of 2013 article.

OhMiBod Lovelife Sex Toys

All seven new OhMiBod Lovelife Toys: Adventure, Cuddle, Discover, Flex, Dream, Smile, and Share

The Lovelife collection of sex toys was different that anything I’d yet seen from OhMiBod. Music vibes are their thing so I naturally wondered if their new “regular” toys could compete. The collection consits of 6 vibrators called Adventure, Cuddle, Discover, Dream, Share, and Smile plus a set of Kegel Flex Weights. It took months for me to finally get my hands (and genitals) on one of these beauties, but it was worth the wait. When Good Vibrations contacted me to review the OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure, I could hardly contain myself!

The Basics

The Adventure is a triple stimulator. Similar to the function of a rabbit vibrator, it stimulates both internally and externally at the same time. The cool thing about the Adventure is it’s meant to vibrate the clit and perineal/anal area (a.k.a. the taint) while it’s inserted. It has three strong motors– one in the shaft, one for clitoral stimulation, and one for back door stimulation.

It’s rechargeable (YES! I’d be happy if batteries went away on all toys forever), made from body safe materials (silicone with an ABS plastic handle) and very easy to operate. The + and – buttons change the intensity level (there’s six levels) and the button marked “~” cycles through the seven different pulsations and turns it on and off. They even light up. Easy peesy.

Sunny Megatron Sex Toy Review

Lastly, I’ll mention the cute little elephant in the room. I know you were thinking it too. Yep, it looks like a thick, bubbly, femme pirate sword. Arrrrrrrrr!

The Down and Dirty

I always advise people to try a new sex toy a number of times before they determine they don’t like it. Many, especially the newfangled luxury vibrators, have a learning curve. Vibrators aren’t all the same so we can’t expect to use them in the same ways and get the same results. If we’re trying out a new toy that’s shaped differently than anything we’ve used before, we might need to play around with it a few times to figure out how it works best. For people with vaginas, where we are in our menstrual cycle can also affect how we take to a new sex toy. We also can’t always rely on the opinions of friends or reviewers because each of our bodies is different. One toy could be a perfect fit for one person and a total snooze-fest for another.

With that said, based on the great reviews I had read, I assumed the Adventure would rock my world right out of the gate. The first time I tried it, I hated it. The second time, however, I fell in lovey-love-love-love. It’s now in frequent rotation and sits on my bedside table. I realized after my miserable first shot, I simply needed to give it a little time, get creative, and adjust my expectations.

Based on other reviewers experiences, I expected the anal nub to stimulate the outside of my anus. Nope. Didn’t reach my butt-hole. Not even close. It only stretched as far as mid-taint on my body.

I also expected the clit and back motors to nestle deeply into my clit and perineum at the same time. Nope. It touched one or the other depending if I leaned the toy backward or forward. It seemed the insertable portion (about 4.5 inches) was for too long for me which prevented those two nubs from being constantly buried deep in my genitals as I thought they were supposed to.

The length issue was a significant problem the first time I used it. In retrospect, this may be why:

I’m the type of gal who needs lots of clit warm-up before I dive in. I’m not a huge fan of penetration and often times I diddle my bean and never dive in at all. So when I just picked up the Adventure and stuck it all the way in, A. It wasn’t fun and B. My vaginal cavity was shorter because I hadn’t experienced vaginal tenting yet. If you aren’t familiar with the term, Dr. Debby Herbineck explains vaginal tenting in this article:

“Vaginas can change in size during sexual excitement thanks to a pretty amazing process called “vaginal tenting”. What happens is this: vaginas start out at about 3-4 inches in length (during an unaroused state).

During sexual excitement, muscular tension pulls the uterus upward, which has the effect of making the vagina both longer and wider. Now, instead of being 3-4 inches in length, a vagina may reach approximately 5-6 inches in length – big enough to more comfortably accommodate penetration with a man’s penis, a sex toy or a partner’s fingers.”

Some claim late stage vaginal tenting allows the vagina to expand to a final 7-8 inches when very aroused. This is why during partnered sex foreplay is important before penetration. This is also part of the reason why I found the Adventure lackluster the first time. I just wasn’t turned on enough yet to sticking anything up there.

The Down and Dirty: Round Two . . . and Three . . . and Eleven

I was determined! I knew I needed more of a warm-up and it took a little creativity to find what was perfect for me. I quickly discovered the edge of clitoral nub all lubed up feels AMAZING! Did I mention this thing was powerful? Man, are these 3 little motors whoppers! I worked on my clit while the insertable portion laid loosely against my upper thighs and labia which felt incredible. I could have finished right then and there, but held off. I wanted to try this baby fully inserted.

After all of that clit warm-up, insertion was perfectly timed this go around. Although the sensations were phenomenal and I was primed, I still couldn’t get the clitoral nub and perineal nub to touch me at the same time. I had to continue to rock the toy back and forth, choosing one nub or the other. I was so turned on at this point, the rocking and switching back and forth suited me just fine.

Although the instructions don’t specify which way to use the Adventure, I assumed the insertable portion was supposed to curve up toward my g-spot (toward my tummy), which would mean the larger nub is meant for the clit and the smaller one for the behind. I’ve now discovered right at the height of my passion, spinning the toy around so it’s upside down clinches it. That’s become my signature finishing-move with the Adventure. If you’re someone who likes pressure and a lot of stimulation on the perineal sponge (PS-spot) and/or anal opening, don’t miss trying this out. No other vibrator I have used has given me quite that amazing feeling. I demonstrate different ways to use the Adventure in the video below (get your hand out of your pants, I demo on my hand!).


My Final Word

I really, really, REALLY like the OhMiBod Adventure. Granted, it took a bit for me to get used to but once I did– DAMN! It’s powerful enough for my iron clit of steel, it can be a few toys at once depending on if I insert it, how I insert it, which way I spin it, etc. It also does amazing things to my perineal sponge my other toys only dream of. We have quite the fling going at this point. We simply can’t get enough of each other!

One thing I haven’t tried the Adventure for is anal stimulation. It appears suitable for experienced butt players accustomed to using larger toys anally. The citoral and anal nubs also act as a flared base so it won’t get lost inside. I speculate the curve may hit the prostate nicely on man butts and the clitoral nub would add a complimentary external prostate massage. If you’ve tried this toy in the butt, please share in the comments below and let us know how you liked it.

If You’re Thinking about Buying the Adventure

My advice to you is to not have many concrete expectations about how this toy will fit your body. It might stimulate your asshole directly or it may only reach your taint. You might be able to bury both nubs deep into your flesh at the same time or you may have to rock it back and forth and take turns between stimulating your clit and anal area. It’s a common complaint that dual and triple stimulation vibrators don’t fit every body the same. The Adventure is no exception (For more on rabbit vibrator measuring and sizing check out this helpful article from Beck and Her Kinks).  I happen to be one of those people that the Adventure doesn’t quite “fit”, but luckily, it’s unique design lends to a number of pleasureable workarounds.  

Approach the OhMiBod Adventure with an open mind and be willing to use your creativity to come up with different ways to use it. With a little ingenuity and time, I’m willing to bet most bodies can create wonderful, mind-numbing experiences with this toy. It’s mighty powerful, extremely versatile, and is very favorably priced for a luxury vibrator.

I actually like the Adventure so much (and think you will too), I’m GIVING ONE AWAY!!!! My wonderful friends at Good Vibrations have graciously offered to send not only the Adventure, but THREE Lovelife toys to THREE lucky winners. You can win either the Adventure, Discover or Cuddle. Quick– click here to enter the OhMiBod Lovelife Giveaway!

The Quickie Recap

For those of you just doing a quick drive-by, here’s a fast rundown of my Adventure pros and cons. Skim through this, watch the video and you’re good to go :)

OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure Pros

  • Three POWERFUL motors

  • Rechargeable

  • Charges in just 2.5 hours, lasts 90 mins on one charge or 90 days stand-by

  • Body safe, smooth matte silicone with ABS plastic handle

  • Easy controls and good variety in pulsations/power settings

  • Inexpensive, averaging $99

  • 1 year warranty

  • Does things to my taint and perineal sponge (PS-spot) that no other toy can

  • Versatile– It’s many toys in one depending if you insert it, how you angle it, etc.

  • Ergonomic– very comfortable to hold and easy to manipulate

  • The packaging is AWESOME (and I usually don’t care about packaging so that’s saying something!)


OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure Cons

  • No travel lock

  • Splashproof for cleaning and squirting but not fully waterproof

  • Cannot operate the vibrator and external nub motors independently from each other (Without this option, it’s still great. This is more of a “wishlist” thought.)

  • Rechargeable feature is USB, does not come with wall plug. You must supply your own. (In OhMiBod’s defense, this is a trend I’m seeing in almost all new rechargeable toys. The reason is, if the user supplies their own wall plug, it makes the vibrator easier to use in other countries. Just because a toy is USB rechargeable does not mean you have to charge it at a computer. Plug the USB into a wall outlet adaptor. If you’re traveling overseas– just plug it into whatever adaptor is compatible with the country you are in. Kinda cool! This is a cost saving feature for sex toy manufacturers and really important for international travelers. For the rest of us sitting on our butts in the U.S. being inconvenienced by this, we can pick up a wall adapter at the drugstore for a few dollars. Most of us already have them from our cell phone chargers.)


Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received this product free of charge from Good Vibrations in exchange for my honest review. I will never misrepresent products, publish a false review or compromise my good name for free stuff. If something sucks, I’ll tell you it sucks. I only endorse products I truly believe in and have used myself. I am disclosing this in accordance to the Federal Trade Commission’s Guidelines: CFR, Part 255
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