A gaping glazed donut

By Ken Melvoin-Berg

A gaping glazed donutIn the extremely under researched world of bizarre anal acts, anal gaping is the most known, yet least understood. So in an effort to bring peace, love, and anal gaping to the masses, I will try to expand on this.

Gaping is popular enough to be it’s own category on many porn sites. This feat of rectal legerdemain can best be summed up to simply fooling your inner sphincter to thinking it is full and needs to take a dump. That feeling, however, also needs to be accompanied by sexual arousal, extended foreplay, orgasms aplenty, and extreme relaxation.

While researching anal gaping the first thing I really wanted to know was, why do people desire a gape instead of a closed, tight sphincter? I found quite a few answers but the underlying causes stemmed from four things: the stroking of the male ego, comfort in inserting large objects, the desire to please, and submission.

Ego: Simply put, you can make a man feel mighty by feeding his ego. One way to achieve this feeling of greatness is by gazing down at a gaping rectum after pounding it for a while and seeing the sphincter wide open. This makes you feel like you’re a raging barbarian with a massive thunder cock. A partner’s anal gape is an empowering illusion that can make a man feel larger and more aggressive than he really is. Of course, this is based on my personal observations and on what is commonly found in mainstream porn. Causing an anal gape can make any giver feel mighty, no matter their or their partner’s gender.

Comfortable insertion: If ease of anal insertion is your reason, the gaping anus can easily fit a variety of large objects without fear of tearing, bleeding, or even causing anal discomfort. One can insert bottles, fists, large sex toys, or even massive cocks without fear of pain. (For more on what you safely can and cannot put in your butt, watch the video at the bottom of this article: The Low-Down on Ben Wa Balls)

Partner pleasing: One of the more common answers I received from those who engage in this act was that they simply like pleasing their partner. It is an easy loving decision for them. Easy peasy anal no squeezy!

An act of submission: Lastly, there are some folks into BDSM that do this, but only as an act of submission to their Master or Mistress. It isn’t necessarily something they like as much as other acts they feel more compelled to do. Of course when gaping is a part of their play it is negotiated, consensual, and carefully planned by both parties.

Interview with Casey Calvert, Anal Superstar

To help shed a bit more light where the sun don’t shine (<— see what I did there?), I enlisted the help of adult star and anal gaping princess, Casey Calvert:

Casey Calvert at the 2014 AVN Expo. Photo by Glenn Francis PRPhotos.com

Casey Calvert at the 2014 AVN Expo. Photo by Glenn Francis PRPhotos.com

Hi Casey, thanks for making time to talk with me today. I know you’re sort of an expert on anal gaping. How do you prepare for it?

“Thanks for calling! When I’m preparing for a scene involving gaping, I usually go to the bathroom and do several enemas before I do any kind of anal activity, especially if I’m doing anal gaping. It’s really important to be in the right state of mind and be comfortable and relaxed. Also I have to be horny to do it. When I’m aroused, it’s much easier to achieve anal gaping. It’s really about consciously relaxing and focusing your energy on your sphincter while being turned on at the same time.”

Is there a trick to perform anal gaping that anyone can do?

“I usually don’t do it at home myself, it’s something I’ve become known for at work. I didn’t even know it was a thing until it happened once while performing. It’s much more of a circus trick than an act I complete for orgasms at home. It’s not really an orgasmic thing as much as it is , ‘Hey look at this thing I can do!’ Now I’m really known for my anal gaping scenes!

I know you’re into BDSM in both your public and private life. Is this an act of submission for you?

“It’s not really as much of a submissive act for me, as much as it is having comfort on a personal level. Relaxation and being sexually excited are both especially important during this very vulnerable act. I really have to open up, both physically and emotionally. I do this more with people I work with in the adult industry, rather than something I do in my personal BDSM and romantic relationships. Because it’s so vulnerable, I don’t really do this in my personal life. “

Have you had any medical issues like prolapses or fissures either during or just after gaping?

“Actually no. I’ve had no problems at all. I was surprised that my rectum sort of went right back to it’s normal size, in an hour or so, with no problems at all. I heard from some other girls that they have had minor issues, like minor tearing or bleeding, but nothing that was out of the norm for any anal scene.”

What would you tell someone that wanted to try gaping for the first time?

“Be turned on, have a clitoral orgasm or two if you can, relax and use lots of lube! Take your time and have lots of sex for best results.”

Thank you so much for your time! Where can your fans see more of you and your amazing butt?

“Ha! My fans can get a hold of me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/caseycalvertxxx or they can see more about me on my website at caseycalvert.com Thanks for talking to me about this Ken, it is great someone is looking at my specialty!”

(For explicit anal gape pics click this google “Casey Calvert Anal Gape” search link.)

Eight Easy Steps for Anal Gaping

If all this gaping talk has left you wide open ( <— I did it again!) to the idea of trying it out yourself, I put together a handy anal gaping how-to. Following these steps can help you or your partner gape like a pro. 

  1. Empty your colon and perform an enema.
  2. Relax! This is crucial to success with anal gaping.
  3. Get aroused and have an orgasm or three.
  4. Get on your hands and knees, or whichever position is most comfortable and lube up your rectum!
  5. Start by putting on (or having your partner put on) a disposable glove, lube your finger, then grease the anus. Slowly insert a finger in the rectum. Start making small circles with the finger and gradually make the circles larger and larger.
  6. Now that the sphincter is relaxing a little, graduate to a slightly larger anal toy like a small butt plug. Play with it in the same manner you did with the finger–  small circles that get progressively larger. Important safety tip: only use anal toys with a flared base you can retrieve if they go deeper than intended. Remember, without a base, without a trace!
  7. Next it’s time for anal sex with a cock, a strap on or something similar in size. Have lots of backdoor action! Remember, slow and steady anal sex increases, stretches, and prepares the inner sphincter to expand.
  8. Achievement unlocked: Anal Gaping badge earned!
photo by thefuturistics

photo by thefuturistics

Your outer sphincter is a voluntary muscle, your inner sphincter is an involuntary muscle. The first ⅔ of your anal canal are jam packed full of pleasure and pain receptors that can make anal sex an amazing feeling for everyone, if done correctly. That means use lube, relax, be patient, and get horny. The lower ⅓ of your anal canal has a ton of specialized nerves that tell your inner sphincter when it’s full. When this happens, the inner sphincter opens up. This lower ⅓ is also the home of the pudendal nerve which is the primary catalyst for both G-spot and prostate orgasms. Having an orgasm prior to anal gaping engorges the erectile tissue in either the G-spot or the prostate, and gets the sphincter ready to blossom like a flower.

Like any sex act, not everyone will like, or be able to do this. If you do want to try this and think it’s something you can do, follow the tips here for a greater chance of success. Good luck and have great sex!


This is a guest post from contributor Ken Melvoin-Berg

Ken Melvoin Berg Sex EducatorKen Melvoin-Berg is a Chicago based freelance writer, author, professional pervert, TV producer, BDSM/sex educator, adult industry consultant, and male sex toy advocate. He is also the Consulting Producer/Sharon Osbourne of Showtime’s “Sex with Sunny Megatron.”
Ken is an “edutainer” armed with knowledge of all things sexual, a humorous lecturing style, and a professional background in medicine/biology. He has been writing and lecturing on these subjects since 1997. Ken is known for his amazing facial hair and tattoos. He also loves his family, Aquaman, his amazing pug, Nathan, and the USA.

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