Kitty Stryker American Sex Podcast InterviewKitty Stryker put the phrase “Consent Culture” on the map. Much of this week’s episode is devoted to SESTA/FOSTA and Kitty tells us why these bills are damaging to not only consensual sex workers but all of our personal and sexual freedoms. We dive into consent both inside and outside of the bedroom and discuss her new anthology “Ask: Building Consent Culture.” Kitty also gives us an interesting peek into Juggalo culture and how it might lead us down the path to a brighter future. Ken & Sunny spontaneously decide to send surprises in the mail to their growing Patreon family & give the secret word for the Peepshow Toys giveaway.

Also, don’t miss Kitty Stryker’s “super awkward poop story” on Patreon:

Guest Bio

Kitty Stryker is a feminist writer, anarchist activist, Juggalo anthropologist, and authority on developing a consent culture in alternative communities. She is the founder of, a website that ran for 6 years as a hub for LGBT/kinky/poly folks looking for a sex critical approach to relationships. The site was relaunched in 2017 to support her book, “Ask: Building Consent Culture“, an anthology through Thorntree Press released in 2017. Kitty tours internationally speaking at universities and conferences about feminism, sex work, body positivity, queer politics, and more. She lives in Oakland, California with her two cats, Foucault and Marquis.

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