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How to get Free Sex Toys from Reviewer Programs

Sunny Megatron Sex toy reviewsIf you have your own sex blog or are thinking about starting one, doing sex toy reviews is a great way to generate traffic and create posts containing affiliate links to generate income. Many sex toy manufacturers and retailers will send bloggers free sex toys in exchange for their unbiased review (Yes, unbiased– you can give a negative review and providers are aware this is always a possibility).

Most sex toy review programs require you to already have your own blog and have a little bit of a social media following to be considered. If you’re just starting a blog and don’t feel you have enough traffic yet for a company to send you free sex toys for review, write reviews on items you already own. You can also publish reviews driectly on some retailers websites, like Lovehoney.com and Shevibe.com. This will give you a little practice, get some of your writing online, and possibly help you gather some like-minded social media followers.

Listed in the table below are some of the established review programs I’m familiar with to help get you started. Many companies and manufacturers, however, don’t have a formal review program set up that you can easily google to learn more about. In these cases, find a manufacturer or store you’d like to review for. Google their affiliate manager and/or promotions e-mail address and send an email letting them know who you are and how a sex toy review from you may benefit them.

In the affiliate applications in the links below you can see what types of things review programs are interested in (for instance, they may want an example of your review writing, social media accounts including follower count, website traffic, etc) so mention some of those things in your e-mail as selling points. Even if it’s obvious from your website, talk about what sets your reviews apart from others. This is the time to highlight your attributes and sell yourself.

Once you have the green light for a review make sure you both agree on the parameters– you’ll both need to be clear on how long it will take you to publish your review (usually within 1 month is acceptable), if you can use your own affiliate links in your review, if the sponsoring company wants you to include specific links of theirs, etc.

It’s also important to remember, reviewing sex toys takes a good deal of time. Between the actual toy testing (I test multiple times over a period of days or weeks), contacting companies, taking photos, writing my review, recording my video review, promotion/social media, and follow up I average 8-10 hours MINIMUM on each review. If it’s complex, requires more research, or there’s a problem, it may take twice as long. Make sure you have the time to devote to doing a thorough job and that you aren’t promising a finished review sooner than you can deliver.  

This article is simply a quick sex toy review primer and resource list. If you’re just getting started sex blogging there are lots of other things to consider– should you use a pseudonym, what’s the best platform to host a sex blog on, how much personal information should you divulge in your reviews, how do you deal with companies that are hard to work with or asking you to do something unethical, what are sex toy review best practices, etc, etc, etc. If you haven’t considered these things, you have a bit of studying up to do!

For more in that area Ephipora and Dangerous Lilly have some great articles on the nitty-gritty of sex blogging so give them a visit and absorb all you can. Ephipora and JoEllen Notte (The Redhead Bedhead) also offer an online sex blogging class (that I contributed a little bit to!) that is very helpful.

Confession– this blog post didn’t start out as a blog post at all! It was intended to be included with my list of affiliates and webmaster resources for sex bloggers. However, when I started writing I realized sex toy reviewing needed a bit more explanation and needed to be its own post. Besides, this way is better for SEO (you’ll learn about that later ;) )

Anyway, please check out my affiliate page too. It lists all of the companies you can shop with to help support this site. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it may very well include retailers you were going to shop with anyway. I also give coupon codes for sex toy companies up to 20% off. Lastly, I Iist my favorite affiliates for you to use in your own blog.

Also, if you have any additional sex toy reviewer resources or tips, please share in the comments below :)

Sex Toy Review Programs

Review ProgramDetails
Shevibe.com Review ProgramShevibe has a pretty active review program. If you are not accepted to the formal program they also allow sex toy reviews posted directly to their website.
Good Vibrations Toy Review ProgramProspective reviewers must be Good Vibrations affiliates and have one text link and one banner placed in a prominent spot on their website. International reviewers are selected case-by-case and must e-mail [email protected] for consideration.
Lovehoney Toy Review ProgramOn their website Lovehoney has the largest collection of sex toy reviews on the web. Anyone can write a review about toys they purchased themselves for the site as long as they follow these sex toy review guidelines. All reviewers are also entered in a drawing to win $150 in store credit each month.

Lovehoney has no formal sex toy reviewer protocol published for US reviewers, however, they can be contacted here . UK residents are eligible to receive free sex toys through the community review program.
Early to Bed Toy Review ProgramThis is one of the few sex toy review programs that does not require you have your own blog. It is open to US residents 21 or older. Unfortunately, due to overwhelming response, the program is not currently open to new reviewers (as of Oct. 2015).
CalExotics Sexpert Toy Review ProgramIf accepted as a CalExotics sexpert toy reviewer you will be sent a toy each month to review by a set deadline (you usually have about 3 weeks to review the toy). You also will get a badge to display on your website.


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  1. Jeremy Maxwell
    Jeremy Maxwell says:

    I would like to work for sunnymegatron to try out new sex toys, ask people about the toys. What they think about them. So let me work. Thank you. Sincerely, Jeremy w. Maxwell

  2. Stephanie W.
    Stephanie W. says:

    Hi my name is Stephanie W. And i am a product tester for many companies and am very interested in trying products in this area. I am considering starting a blog and it would include all types of samples and would have a section specifically for these type of products. But in starting a blog financially it would be almost impossible for me to go ahead and do that in order and include that section. Is there any suggestions or any websites you could guide me to that allow a person to receive for free or at a very discounted price in exchange for a honest reviews. And “Spreading the word”

  3. Tonitia Jones
    Tonitia Jones says:

    I love doing product reviews. I would love to do an adult toy. Its nothing like blind ordering a toy and get it and its not great. I would live to join how do i apply?

  4. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    I’m thinking about starting a He Said/She Moaned type of couples blog. Once I get some non review material up and some traffic going I’ll start contacting companies on your list. Thanks for the advice.

  5. B.Noir
    B.Noir says:

    Omg…. the comments on this thread killed me! Jeezus folks are fascinating. You provide all the info in the post and yet most of the comments on here are “how do I get free toys?!” Omg…

    I guess it’s better than crickets chirping, lol.

  6. Penny Putmam
    Penny Putmam says:

    My husband and I love expirementing with sex toys. We have an excellant sex Lite but toys really do the job. How do we sign up?

  7. Ann
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    Hey Sunny, Wow! What a read!! Such an interesting information! I love doing product reviews, but have never reviewed toys for adults! It will be interesting for sure!

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