Sex toy reviews

I am a prolific sex toy reviewer, in other words, I masturbate a lot. My self pleasuring isn’t a leisurely affair, however. It involves critical thinking, diligence, and experimentation. I even keep a notebook on the bedside table to jot down findings before my post-orgasm brain turns my thoughts to moosh.

Sometimes I review toys alone and sometimes with my husband and co-educator, Ken Melvoin-Berg. Our reactions run the spectrum from, “This is the best sex toy ever!” to, “Did they even test this on humans before selling it!? Oh god, I think my dick is bleeding.” Ken also reviews toys for penises and prostates, most of which can be found on my toy review & sex ed youtube channel.

I don’t just test toys once. I repeat testing but often over a period of time so I can really get to know the toy. I may not like all sex toys but that doesn’t necessarily mean the toys I’m not fond of are bad. They simply may not pleasure me the way I like but may be perfect for someone else. I let you know what type of pleasure each sex toy is best for in my reviews. Some toys, however, are just plain BAD and I let you know that too.

Below is an archive of all stand-alone sex toy reviews on There’s also more toy info in my curated sex toy shop. Everything there is hand picked by Ken and myself and are toys we adore– the best of the best. You’ll also find additional mini reviews on product description pages that aren’t archived below.


Sunny Megatron, xo

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