In the video above Ken and I discuss some of the techniques from these prostate milking instructional videos we tried.  They were a great success!  We encountered some things we didn’t expect (most of them good!) and prostate massage is something we’ve since incorporated on a regular basis in our lovemaking.

Recapping some of the points we covered in our video:

  • If you are preparing to do this with a partner, remember to set aside a good amount of time.  The milking should progress slowly.  Ours lasted around 40 minutes.
  • For the person doing the milking— you are going to be in the same position for quite a while.  You may start to cramp up, especially if you are using your finger.  I found the best position for me to have Ken scoot down to the end of the bed with his butt near the edge.  I then sat down/knelt in the floor.
  • It’s also important to remember, although the entire prostate is walnut sized, the exposed portion you are looking for feels more the size of a kidney bean.  As the man becomes more aroused it will get larger, however, in a state of semi-arousal it may be hard to find in some men.
  • Lastly, we find it’s not necessary to go through any extensive preparation routine or flush yourself out with an enema before hand.  Simply make sure there isn’t a bowel movement in the rectum and that you’ve recently washed as a courtesy to both you and your partner.  We also recommend the use of surgical style gloves.

Anal play is something many are curious about but are often apprehensive to try.  Some feel it is feminizing or has bearing on the receiver’s sexual orientation.  Those who are Doms or Tops may also believe being penetrated is a submissive act.

Prostate play is good for ones health and feels wonderful!  Sexual orientation is determined by who you love, not what sexual acts you enjoy.  Acts of dominance or submission are largely marked by how one approaches and carries themselves during a sexual scene, not the specifics of the acts performed during that scene.

Don’t get hung up on labels or what society says you should or should not like.  Experiment and enjoy your body, it can do some wonderful things!

Below are more resources to help you learn more about prostate play (sometimes referred to as the P-spot).  Some of these links are NSFW.

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  1. Aasheesh Kumar
    Aasheesh Kumar says:

    This is amazing.The orgasms are mind blowing.The entire process of masturbating after anal stimulation is a great sensory experience.Never felt this way before. Thanks for the video.

  2. Charles
    Charles says:

    The instructional video link on this page for male g-spot stimulation does not work. Could I have it sent to me so I could watch it? Thank you for your help.

  3. Claude Armstrong
    Claude Armstrong says:

    I can’t say thank you enough! My prostate reacted to sunflower seed oil when I swirched from olive oil for table use – I consume over 1liter a month as olive oil is very beneficial.

    I did not know sunflower oil is 71% omega 6 fatty acid, which at that extreme level is now blamed for much of American cancers – omega 6 is used by the immune system to inflame diseased cells which cuts off their blood and they die.

    But, very high omega 6 in the body relative to omega 3 which soothes cells with good blood flow, can cause the immune system to apply omega 6 to borderline cells and, whole organs.

    Losing my wife, and thereby frequent, healthy ejaculation, which is impossible for me to replace with mastubation, caused semen, sperm and other prostate secretions to stagmate and decay in my prostate, causing cellular stress from the toxic sludge.

    Of course it was After the total urine blocking prostate swelling when I found all this! On my research I read mention of ladies who specialize in ptostate massage. This makes perfect sense to me, even ilwhen good, prostate emptying mastubation is provided their patient at the same time. Why not?

    Nothing cums close to one’s lover doing both intercourse and prostate milking, of course. Butt, when us older boys get real, our sexual organs are our source of health and male vitality. Either we care enough to do our very best to maintain gpod sexual friendships, or find male sexual caregivers who love us men enough to share their lady healing touch.

    In any case, sex is more, much morw, than mere fucking for both ladies and us boys. Healthy sexual intercourse needs to be cpmmon for good friends as it is for couples. Our broken social system is broken mostly by fear mongering and stigmatising about healthy sexual intercouse sjared by good friends.

    I’m jouning both you guy’s sites. You’re a breath of honest, good, healthy sexual intercourse scents!

    Thank you!



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