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How to Give Prostate Massage: Instructional Videos

My partner, Ken, and I have been conducting a bit of research on prostate milking.  You know, intense hands on research strictly for SCIENCE!

Below are a few instructional videos on prostate massage we found helpful.  In the first, Jennah Adams shows you how to milk the prostate with a gloved finger. In the second Brianna Beach demos with an Aneros Prostate Massager.  The bottom video is the very first video I ever watched about prostate massage. I really like this last video because it shows the actual massage in more detail. Also, they are the cutest couple ever!

WARNING: These videos are NSFW!!!! Although they are instructional, they are housed on the porn site Youporn. Similar to the G-spot instruction video I posted recently, each of the videos contain extreme nudity and actual sex demos. Take care to watch these on a suitable computer in a suitable environment.


Ken and I have been documenting our prostate journey so stay tuned for a video with both of us discussing our experiences with prostate massage/milking (UPDATE: The video is finished! Click Here to go to “Ken & Sunny Milk a prostate.”) .  In the meantime, enjoy these videos!





One little side note: Do not pronounce the area between the anus and balls (the taint) like Brianna Beach did here in the first two videos. Learn how to pronounce perineum. It’s pear-a-knee-um NOT pur-inny-um! The more you know, right?  ;)


UPDATE 2015: It’s been a number of years since I posted this and it’s a still very popular page.  Since this was posted Ken and I have a few new favorites for prostate play.  The small end of a Njoy Purewand is great for hitting the p-spot. Our absolute favorite vibrating toy is the Lelo HUGO.  It’s AMAZING! Check out our video review on the Lelo Hugo.

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  1. Pete
    Pete says:

    Accidently stumbled upon your name/site. Its great! Informative and FUN!! You look like a great couple and I bet your sex life is wild!! Really enjoyed the prostate massage vids. Ive always enjoyed anal stimulation but now I can make it more focussed and pleasurable. Thank you!

  2. Bill
    Bill says:

    My wife and I are 60, married 40 years(High School Sweethearts). During the early part of our marriage we had numerous MMF’s and FFM’s (over 50) Always with the same guy or gal both are life long friends and are still very close to us. We are thinking about trying a MFMF with a couple.

    Thought we might try SKYPE sex with them to test the waters so to speak. What are your recommendations for Skype sex and is there a good website for that type of thing. Thanks, Walt and Liz.

  3. Claude Armstrong
    Claude Armstrong says:

    Here we meat again:-) I’m so blessed with a young lady who shares the same concepts of respectful sexual intercourse with friends with me! Her beautiful desire to please each one she shares sex with makes warm fuzzies play in and on my body and heart!

    She loves sharing masturbation with loving sexual acts recorded in video clips. We share endless hours watching and responding to and wishing to be with these dear, loving people!

    I appreciate you both so much for loving each other, and us, the sex partner audience. Beautiful!


  4. Jim
    Jim says:

    I found your page dealing with prostate massage and the video links are no longer working could you please refresh them?

    Thanks, Jim


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