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Jimmyjane Form 2 Review: I’m in Love!


Very rarely do I fall in love with a vibrator.  I’m picky, tough to arouse and since I’ve sampled some of the best toys out there, I have very high standards.  The Jimmyjane Form 2 is one of my favorite vibrators of all time (the other 2 are the California Exotics Silicone Rabbit and The Wahl Massager).

Normally, I don’t like to spend a ton of cash on sex toys so I’m extra critical of luxury vibrators.  If I’m going to shell out well over a hundred dollars, I expect something extraordinary.  The From 2 does not disappoint. I’ve had this toy for about 6 months and I use it regularly.

This toy is strong, solidly constructed and feels closest to the sensation of oral sex than any other toy I’ve tried.  It’s small enough to use during partnered sex or with another insertable toy.

I’m not even going to make a pros/cons list for this review because there aren’t enough cons! I do understand, however, not everyone will like this toy.  We’re all different, after all.  So how can you tell if you might like the Jimmyjane Form 2?

In addition to using this toy on myself, I’ve used with a number of different women.  I’ve also gotten feedback from quite a few others who have tried the toy.   The Form 2 is largely hit or miss.  I’ve found some women rave about it while others gave it an “ehh.”

Here are a few things to keep in mind to determine if this toy is right for you:

  • It’s powerful!  If you find direct, intense stimulation on your clit uncomfortable, you might not like this toy.  On the flipside, if you’re like me who just can’t seem to find a clitoral vibrator that’s powerful enough, consider buying the Form 2.
  • If clit stimulation isn’t what gets you off, clearly this likely won’t be the toy for you. Although you can use this toy for nipple stimulation or penile/perineum stimulation in men, it is designed as and best used for clit stimulation.
  • If you prefer vibration that is diffused over a larger surface area (think Hitachi Magic Wand) this vibrator  may not be up your alley.  With the Jimmyjane Form 2 you can pinpoint all the vibration to a very small targeted area.  Of course, if this is what you like in a sex toy—BINGO!  You got it with the Form 2.

There’s a lot more that makes the Jimmyjane Form 2 a superior clit toy.  Watch my video above for all the fine points plus tips on how to use it.


Happy Orgasms!

XO, Sunny Megatron


Note: I did not receive this toy free of charge for a review, it was a personal purchase.  The opinions stated here are mine and unbiased.  The links contained above are affiliate links which do earn me a small percentage of all purchases.  Please use them if you intend to buy anything on this page as that money helps me pay for the cost of this website . . . and buy more sex toys! Thanks!

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  1. Trix
    Trix says:

    I know some reviewers have had trouble with the motors in the prongs after a few uses (either fizzling out or diffusing weirdly)…since you’ve had this one a while, has that been a problem?


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