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Work It! Sunny Megatron: Sex Educator, Weird Tour Guide, Kinky Blogger!

What do you do, in your own words, and how long have you been doing it? I do a whole bunch of odd and interesting things. Strangely, all of my work centers around two of life’s most intriguing, misunderstood and mysterious taboos: sex and death.

Vote for Weird Chicago Tours – Best of 2012 + Film Shoot Update

As many of you know, I am a tour guide for Weird Chicago Tours.  I host every type of tour offered at Weird Chicago -- Serial Killer, Weird & Haunted, Devil & The White City, True Crime & Gangster, etc.   On this site I am…
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All I Know About the G-Spot I Learned From My Fucksaw

It seems fitting my first sexy product review be on The Stockroom’s Fuck Saw.  Little did I know the awesome Christmas gift Ken bought me would become THE fucksaw heard around the world. Back before my fucksaw was thrust into the spotlight…