Hudsy Hawn Vanilla to KinkHudsy Hawn is not your typical dominatrix. She tells us how discovering BDSM in her 30s after tragedy and divorce changed her life. Careerwise kink took her literally from Disneyland to the Dungeon. It also healed personal wounds in unexpected ways. Hudsy shares how these experiences lead to her hit musical stage show geared toward vanilla audiences. We also get a peek into the pro-BDSM world and learn about the lives of professional submissives. She gives us tips for getting into kink with or without a partner and breaking into the business for those that want to go pro. Sunny & Ken kick off a second pleasure product giveaway for the month of October and look forward to Ken’s returning to Chicago after months away. Don’t miss Hudsy’s bonus audio–it’s a cautionary buttplug tale–at

Guest Bio 

Hudsy Hawn is a Media Personality, Writer, BDSM Coach, Pro Domme, and Singer. With an employment resume that has ranged from Disneyland to the Dungeon, Hudsy’s journey from Vanilla to Kink accidentally began way in 2005 and she’s never looked back. Miss Hawn has written for Mens Health Magazine, KinkWeekly and has appeared in Buzzfeed’s very popular “The Try Guys TRY BDSM,” The Jason Ellis Show, Straight Talk with Ross Mathews, Cosmopolitan Magazine,, the E! Special “The Real 50 Shades of Grey,” and A&E’s Storage Wars. Hudsy is currently touring her classes and Musical Memoir show at select venues across the globe. For more on Hudsy visit

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