Anne Hodder: Owning Your Sh*t – Ep 26 American Sex Podcast

Sex educator & pleasure industry wonder woman, Anne Hodder, shares stories of her sex journalism days including the ongoing Village Voice, coast to coast, “girl-fight” she helped craft under the pseudonym Barbie Davenport. We discuss the importance of sex ed in rehab facilities and the myth of ‘sex addiction.’ Anne teaches us about breathwork & how science and the spiritual can come together to help us ‘own our shit’ in sex, relationships & all areas of life. Ken & Sunny get warm & fuzzy feedback from a fan.

Guest Bio

Anne Hodder Podcast interviewAnne Hodder, ACS, is a multi-certified sex educator endorsed by San Francisco Sex Information and the American College of Sexologists International. A cum laude graduate of the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College, Anne’s journalism and sociology background led her to work as a journalist focusing on sexuality and the adult industry before being professionally trained in accurate and inclusive sex education. Anne received her first certification and endorsement by the renowned San Francisco Sex Information program and continued her training via the American College of Sexologists International and Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’s School Based Sex Education Program, where she honed a special skill for working with adolescents. She boasts a unique understanding of age-appropriate education, high school sex ed, critical thinking, and trauma sensitivity and, most recently, Anne has brought her teaching style into the addiction treatment and mental health communities. Anne provides accurate and accessible sexual health information and healthy relationship tools with a special focus on inclusivity, shame reduction, and effective communication skills and, with a friendly and non-judgmental approach, Anne helps clients of all kinds heal, grow and be their most authentic selves.

Episode 26 Topics

Delta & theta brain frequencies, compulsive sexual behavior disorder, advice for the self-employed, Barbie Davenport, the business side of sex toys, sex ed in rehab facilities, classic girl fights, Harvey Weinstein, DSM 5, Own Your Shit Workshops. AV Flox, alternative medicine in the US military, Backpage,  your rights in a relationship. rolling your third eye,  all the reasons Nathaniel is amazing, the sweet spot between science and woo-woo, sobriety & sexual identity, adult industry PR,  not my circus not my monkeys, LA Weekly firings, Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous/SLAW, The Village Voice, fuck you pay me, coke nails, east coast vs west coast, breathwork, how to get your brain to STFU



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