Emotional Dysregulation in Relationships with Megan Bhatia – Ep 210 American Sex Podcast

Relationships, at their core, are about relating – with other people, our surroundings, our past, our future. But the truth is, most of us kinda suck at it! Enter the spiral of emotional dysregulation… In this episode, Megan Bhatia gets…
Mutual Masturbation May - with jessica drake - American Sex Ep 206 episode cover art. Pictured on black background sex educator and adult performer Jessica Drake smiling with mid-length blonde hair, a hand on her shoulder, wearing a black sweater facing forward from the waist up. Also pictured, text of the episode title, number, jessica drake's name, American sex podcast logo.

Mutual Masturbation May with jessica drake – American Sex Podcast Ep 206

jessica drake joins us for an International Masturbation Month chat about mutual self-pleasure. In this conversation, jessica unpacks the shame, obstacles, and joy associated with solo and mutual masturbation. Plus, jessica gives tips for: …
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Get Lusty Podcast: Chicago Based Sexuality Educator Sunny Megatron

Huge thanks to Get Lusty for interviewing me!  Below is a re-print of the original article/podcast published on  Also, if you haven't checked out Get Lusty, get started!  They post a bunch of sex positive, awesome articles every…