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Get Lusty Podcast: Chicago Based Sexuality Educator Sunny Megatron

Huge thanks to Get Lusty for interviewing me!  Below is a re-print of the original article/podcast published on GetLusty.com.  Also, if you haven’t checked out Get Lusty, get started!  They post a bunch of sex positive, awesome articles every day.  You can also find other podcasts on the site featuring people like Pro-Dommes,  BDSM enthusiasts and other big-name sex educators like Charlie Glickman.  Get Lusty is on my must-read sex blog list!

They also called me a “sexy vixen.”  How can I not love that!?


Podcast w/ Sexy Vixen & BDSM Educator Sunny Megatron


When America thinks of Midwestern, they probably don’t think of women like Sunny Megatron.

When she was in high school, Sunny wanted to be Dr. Ruth. When told her family, and they basically said, “no.” Two decades, a long advertising career and several long-term relationships later, Sunny finally decided to take the plunge. She started her life as a sex educator and has never looked back.


What we talked about during the podcast

  • Why she became a sex educator
  • When labels aren’t really necessary (ie. how you don’t need to a “BDSM lover” to enjoy a little kink now and then)
  • Examples of some of the classes that she teaches across Chicago
  • How she measures success in her practice
  • What’s in the pipeline for this sexy, sex educator vixen

Sexuality education chicagoMore about Sunny

Sunny Megatron is a pleasure advocate, sex blogger and adult sexuality educator. She teaches at public and private venues with her partner, Ken Melvoin-Berg, across the country.

Behind the scenes she’s an adult content copywriter penning how-to’s on sensual subjects that range from the commonplace to extreme. She also hosts Red Light District Sex Tours through Weird Chicago Tours.

Sunny is most known for her approachability and ability to present alternative sexuality topics in a way that is accessible and understandable to the mainstream.
Sexuality Educator ChicagoSome of the workshops she teaches include: Networking for Kinky People, BDSM 101, How to Give a World Class BlowJob, Exploring Non-Monogamy, ZAP! Electrical Play, The Female Orgasm, and Junk For Your Junk: Sex Toys 101. With the recent popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, she has been in high demand leading 50 Shades book clubs and hosting related educational events.

Find Sunny being risque across her social media channels on FacebookTwitterYoutube and, of course, her website SunnyMegaton.com. Also find her event calendar here.


Enjoy the podcast!

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