NCSF podcast explicit prior permission new model penal code sexual assault 3.28.22

Decriminalizing BDSM w/NCSF, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom – Ep 185 American Sex Podcast

The legal definition of consent in BDSM is changing & all kinksters NEED to know about this! Currently, U.S. law interprets consensual kink activities as criminal acts making prosecuting sexual assault cases in BDSM difficult. How do you prove non-consensual sex occurred if kink isn’t considered sex in the eyes of the law, it’s assault? The NCSF established a legal definition of consent in kink: The New Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault: Affirmative Defense of Explicit Prior Permission for use of force and restraint with sexual contact developed with the American Law Institute. Susan Wright & BebeBlueEyes explain how this gives legal power to sexual assault survivors, how it’ll be adopted state-by-state, about the new consent model EPP/Explicit Prior Permission & why implementing it as community standard is key to changing case law, what you can do to help, how the NCSF can assist you with criminal sexual assault cases involving consensual kink, and more.