Electrifying Electrosex Giveaway! Win a Neon Wand & Power Tripper!

Neon Wand Stockroom.com (Solid State Violet Wand)

What’s better than one holiday contest?  TWO holiday contests!  You thought my Lovehoney & Sliquid Holiday Giveaway was all I had up my sleeve?  Not a chance— check out what else you can win!

Ken & I will be in Milwaukee on December 1st, 2012 teaching ZAP! Electric Play – TENS, Wands & More at The Tool Shed.  To celebrate, Stockroom.com graciously gave us TWO Kinklab Neon Wand + Power Tripper gift packages to giveaway!

We will be giving away one set to a lucky attendee of our electric play class in Milwaukee and we’re giving away the other one right here on SunnyMegatron.com!  That’s not too shabby— each package is valued at $200!

What’s a neon wand, you ask?  Isn’t that only for people into BDSM?

Neon Wand Giveaway From Stockroom.comNOPE!

A Neon Wand is an electrical device that illuminates and electrifies glass electrodes.  These electrodes look a lot like the tubing from a neon sign.  When brought close to the surface of the skin, an electric arc jumps out of the glass.  The glass electrode looks and acts really similar to those glowing plasma lightning balls you used to play with at Spencer’s in the mall.

Neon wands are not used internally.  They are hovered over the surface of the skin to bring about a prickling tingle.  Wands are wonderful for sensation play and feel great on sensitive areas like the nipples, inner thighs and stomach.  You can use them on the external areas of the genitals too.

Most people are surprised that the Neon Wand doesn’t particularly hurt . . . much.  Even when turned up to its highest settings, it’s a delightful bite that’s perfect for playful, sensual exploration.

But if some of you *like* a lot of pain, what’s in this contest for you?

Kinklab Power Tripper from Stockroom.comThat’s where the Power Tripper comes in!  The Power Tripper is an attachment that plugs into the base of the Neon Wand.  When someone holds the flat metal end of the Power Tripper they become electrified just as if they were a living electrode!  The person who is the human electrode feels nothing . . . until they are touched.  Touch them with your fingers and an electric arc jumps between their skin and your fingertips!

This also works when a conductive metal object is brought toward their skin. Conductive metals are stainless steel, silver, aluminum, gold and copper.  You can send tingles down your lover’s spine with common objects like dinner forks, tin foil, stainless steel sex toys, beaded chains, a wire whisk, or a Wartenberg Pinwheel, among many other things. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to giving you the power to make a “human electrode,” the Power Tripper greatly increases the intensity of a Neon Wand. If you turn it up to a higher setting it really packs a punch!  I’ve seen some of the toughest pain sluts brought to their knees using a Power Tripper cranked up near maximum.  But no worries, if it’s simply a playful, erotic tingle you’re after, you can use it comfortably on a lower setting.

Sounds awesome! How do I sign up?

To enter the contest online simply use the Rafflecopter widget below.  The last day to enter is 12/12/12.  A winner will be randomly chosen the following day.

To win one in person, attend our class, ZAP! Electric Play – TENS, Wands & More, at The Tool Shed on 12/1/12. You’ll be entered in the contest automatically!   The winner for the on-site giveaway will be picked at the end of class.

All attendees of the class will have the opportunity to try out a Neon Wand and Power Tripper (plus a bunch of other neat electrosex & e-stim stuff!).

Ken Melvoin-Berg & Sunny Megatron

     Good Luck!
          ~ Ken & Sunny
p.s. check out the video below to see how the Neon Wand and Power Tripper attachment work.  One thing I have to comment on is the part about wearing jewelry while using this device.  You CAN wear metal  jewelry as long as it is in constant contact with your body– i.e. stud earrings, tongue rings, facial or genital piercings, wedding bands, etc. are all fine.  
Only metal jewelry that dangles, like hanging earrings or a dangling necklace, can be affected by the wand. When that jewelry moves around and bounces on and off your skin you may feel a sensation while using the Power Tripper only.  It won’t hurt you or your jewelry– it simply may be an unexpected zap or annoyance that happens each time the jewelry breaks contact with your skin.  The video makes it sound like something scary may happen if you have on any jewelry.  Not true! <— See?  This is why we’re the experts.  You should come to our Electric Play Class to learn more! 



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